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  LogoNoBorderStoried Myth by Storied Myth is EPIC! It is a totally immersive world that blends physical and digital play by creating an adventure that kids can actively participate in by reading stories and solving real life puzzles off the line. It is a subscription-based model that will span over a twelve-month period. Each month a new chapter that consists of the ongoing adventures of a diverse group of kids brought together at the Pangea Games, and a series of manipulatives and puzzlers are delivered to your door each month. The story centers on eight children and their quest to unravel the mystery of an ancient artifact and find the missing director of the games - The renowned Dr. Reginald Dawson. The puzzles help unlock additional content to help the story progress, and this will include stories, myths, and truly epic tales. The set up would make a grand reading club or project for independent readers or if parents held on to the content a perfect summer reading program for kids 6-10 as the story can be narrated to you or read independently. Each chapter (Including the introductory book of Meet the Team) comes with discussion questions, project ideas, and worksheets to be saved in a graphic organizer for subscribers. For teachers or homeschoolers, there is also a link to core curriculum standards in literacy for elementary students on these pages. Group experiences like this create memories and a love of learning for a lifetime. The first month includes a Meet the Team book, Chapter 1, and a code card along with a puzzler of wooden arrows that will help unlock Chapter 2. FullSizeRender 2After signing up, getting the starter kit is pretty exciting. Mine was addressed to Adventurer Jo, and what a thrill it was to open the box. Inside were games and coded cards, and I was just itching to get started. The first month includes a code card, along with a puzzle that unlocks Chapter 1, and a postcard about the secret artifact. So let’s explore the introductory package. On board first was the “Meet the Team” book – all 96 pages of it. It really gives an extensive background on all the main characters – their struggles and triumphs. Each character is unique and they are all from different ethnicities and social circumstances. The creators of Storied Myth are very committed to presenting diversity in their storyline so all kids can connect to the characters and their common values. In fact, Storied Myth’s creators have helped to finding #Diversity in Apps, a grassroots organization focused on promoting diversity in children’s media as well as on the companies publishing diverse content. Read more about their mission at I found that it was the diversity in tumblr_nq3c8lBTha1tl0g2jo1_500the characters in the story that made it feel so rich and added the element of timelessness to it. As stated above, the story can be read aloud or independently. The story is not illustrated along the way in the reading material and that gives flight to the imagination and facilitates creativity. I really loved hearing the different accents, phrasing, and expressions of the individual characters. Listening not only fine tunes auditory discrimination skills, but builds auditory memory too. And that translates to a more ready a student in learning to listen, process, and follow directives when given by others. The book weaves many themes into the story such as: how people resolve to be friends despite their differences, how to work as a team, and always how to be truthful gentle and fearless. Social skills and qualities of character are addressed and ripe for lively discussion. Perseverance, creativity, problem-solving and empathy are just a few of the traits portrayed, as well as how to overcome habitual or negative thinking and behaviors. The game in the first chapter is manipulating arrows into a pattern to proceed with the story, and it took a couple of tries to become successful. Once the solution is presented in the app, a 3D illustration is revealed. There is also a post card in the monthly kit that portrays an ancient artifact. On the back is a scanning code that reveals a clue in another augmented reality bonus. After completing Chapter 1, I can’t wait to see what chapter 2 brings! FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 7 In summary, this series would enhance any curriculum, be it as a special in the classroom or home schooling, part of a book club after school or in a community-based facility such as a library, or for learning to read for fun and a sense of adventure during the summer. In future updates, there is a promise of a bookmarking feature so as to begin where one might have left off that will also act as a pause button if interrupted while reading.The access to off screen activities, worksheets, and discussion prompts as well as the links to core curriculum standards is invaluable tools in helping kids learn how to think and act as global citizens. Storied Myth has really set the bar in how stories are presented in this new age. Using both digital and physical elements, the story becomes alive and filled with possibilities that promote creativity and problem-solving. Because of the diversity of characters, every kid, everywhere can relate to their triumphs and struggles. Issues covered are real issues for kids and answer directly to their growing awareness of themselves and the world. Kids on Map (1)-1  
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