Streamline your school work with Creativity 365

9a04008479b053e0abd0906d79917533 Streamline your school work with Creativity 365 Lesson planning, staying organized, keeping track of the progress of students, the lists go on and on when it comes to being a teacher.  As a teacher life can be hectic trying to keep everything in order, staying productive, and using your creative vices to inspire students. That’s where Kdan Mobile’s Creativity 365 comes in to help promote creativity, productivity, and efficiency whether you’re in the classroom, at your desk, or on the go. Creativity 365 is a comprehensive content creation system with access to five different applications including a PDF editor, scanner, note-taking, video editing, and animation tools. A subscription to Creativity 365 includes:
  • 1TB of Cloud storage
  • Extra credits towards faxes and converting services
  • Premium document and multimedia solutions in the Creativity 365 App series across all smart devices, PC, and Mac
365 How Can Creativity 365 Help? Pocket Scanner can be used to scan pages from textbooks, magazines, or anywhere else easily to a phone at any time helping to sort out lecture information from various channels. While NoteLedge can be used to take notes and record audio simultaneously. There is a built-in browser within NoteLedge that can be used to find clips without having to switch applications. Teachers can use these applications and their lesson plans simultaneously. With Kdan’s PDF Markup application, all mainstream file formats can be managed and saved in one place. Let’s Get Creative: Creativity 365 can also be used for teachers to turn their teaching materials into something that students can visualize and learn from. You can create amazing hand-drawn cartoons with Animation Desk with the support of over twenty different types of brushes, rotoscoping, and other advanced frame manager techniques.  Teachers can also make tutorial videos for their students in Write-on Video that can be made with the built-in camera, audio recording, and script creating. When a teacher is finished with their project, they can access all of their files on the Kdan Cloud and share the file links with others. They are also able to go a step further using content creation platforms to share their projects on My Markups, NoteTube, and AniZone.  Try out Creativity 365: If you’re a teacher, be sure to fill out the form here to get access to a special 3-month free trial of Creativity 365 to try it for yourself! You can also purchase the package in volume as an educator at the Kdan Creative Store where more discounts are further available.    
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