Student Monitoring Apps for Parents

alarm-clock-apple-back-to-school-2781814 Student Monitoring Apps for Parents While your child is at school, it's important for them to learn how to handle their education without you holding their hand. Their teacher will show them how to work independently, teach studying technique and encourage their academic growth beyond their curriculum.  Your child may do their best at school every day, that doesn't always mean that parents are up to date on what's going on. If you're looking for something that will help you monitor your child's progress, it's time to try out a few apps. Student monitoring apps for parents will change the way you observe and keep up with your child's education. Try downloading a few of these great apps to see how they'll help you engage more with your kid so they get the educational help they need.
  1. ClassDoJo
As one of the most popular educational apps, ClassDoJo should definitely be something you try out. Most schools in the US use this with their students, so your child may already know what it is. Any good or bad behavior your child exhibits at school is added to the program, along with comments by teachers. You may see praise for your child's perfect homework or a note to double check that they do their reading assignment. This app is mostly focused on tracking student behavior over time, so it's perfect for parents of children still learning how to adjust to going to school.
  1. Bambizo
Have you ever wished you could keep in contact with your child's teacher with more than the occasional parent-teacher conference? The creators of Bambizo have made this possible. The app hosts microcommunities for classes at different schools. You can send a message to your child's teacher, post a question for the community and share upcoming school events or volunteer opportunities.
  1. Pupil Asset Parents
Pupil Asset is an app that teachers have used for their classrooms for a while, which is why Pupil Asset Parents was created. There are dedicated spaces for teacher to make notes on a student's attendance, behavior, report cards and general grades in their subjects. Parents can then comment back if there are any concerns or questions. Color coding makes it easy to tell everything apart.
  1. Edmodo
When people think of apps, they often think of social media. Edmodo is a form of social media dedicated to connecting teachers and parents. Users from all over the word use Edmodo to share calendar events, pictures from school activities and even collaborate. It's beneficial for parents who want to help their child in school, but may not know how. You'll be one click away from teachers who use different teaching methods that may be more effective for your child.
  1. Remind
If you're the kind of parent who would rather talk to your kid's teacher than text them, your favorite new app may end up being Remind. It allows one way calls between teachers, parents and students, with the additional option of leaving a voicemail. No phone number is required to make a call, so everyone's privacy is respected. This app also features the option to send icons instead of words. Parents who don't speak English as their first language can easily communicate through these icons that are designed to help conversations about education.
  1. The Princeton Review
Older kids who are studying more intense courses in high school and prepping for SATs have a lot going on, but you can keep up with it all through the Princeton Review app. You'll have front row access to your kid's standardized test scores and tutoring schedules. You can also preload the account with extra funds for future tutoring and schedule more hours as your child needs them.
  1. McGraw-Hill Connect
Many parents wish there was a one stop shop for everything their kid needed in school. McGraw-Hill connect is the answer you've been looking for. It's a platform for teachers to assign e-reading material, input grades and even post lectures as needed. It's a direct way to communicate with your child's teacher and it may even already be downloaded onto your child's school laptop or tablet.
  1. Dyknow
Dyknow is an all-in-one program for school administrators, teachers, students and parents to enjoy. It ensures that students will only use their electronics for school purposes, while also being an online space for lab work in large group settings. Everything from report carts to student monitors is uploaded to Dyknow, so it's important for parents to call the school and see if it's already in use. That way you don't have to download it yourself and introduce yet another program for your child to learn. Test Out Your Options Depending on how old your child is and what their academic situation is, there are different apps to suit your needs. Your child's school may have a designated app already in use. If not test out your options to figure out which one is right for you and your child, so their academic experience can be easier on you both.  
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