studyo_app-icon (1)Studyo by is a new school project manager and planner app designed to create a centralized hub and flow of information that keeps students, parents, and school staff in the loop. It allows students to organize their time and plan their tasks to ensure that they are prepared for a set exam, assignment deadlines, or project. Studyo is changing the concept of an LMS to a more student-centered learning experience. For teachers, it is a smooth tool for organizing their lesson planning and publishing to student planners about upcoming tasks, assessment, or homework. One feature that stands out is the task view, it is a timeline showing all work-related tasks, whether it is a long-term project or past due assignment. It gives teacher/students the ability to plan their own schedules ahead of time, they can accurately see what their work week/month entails. Parents have choices of how they can be aware of their child’s workload and progress. They can have a weekly email sent or subscribe to their child's complete calendar as a read-only option. Another perk of the centralized management of calendar and schedules enables teachers the ability to see what other teachers have published to the same student and avoid an overwhelming agenda. Studyo Connect for Google Classroom is another option for schools to enable students to see all assignments published in Google Classroom on their Studyo timeline. Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.44.44 PM The app is free for teachers to use individually but only if it is initially set up on an iPad. It is currently only available on iOS so Android users miss out, but there is also a web version which runs offline if there is no network available. The paid Studyo for Schools version allows set up on any iOS or the web-based platform and enables large-scale collaboration within a school.  The layout of both the app and the web-based version is clean and easy to use, which simplifies what could initially feel like a complex set up process, especially for tech-phobic teachers. The app designers appear to have chosen functionality over sophistication, the graphics are basic and super simple, isn't that what teachers need? The hardest part is setting the system up. Once all of the information is in the app the process becomes much easier and creates great potential for improving communication between students, parents and other school staff. As a stand-alone tool to use individually Studyo is basic, much like any other digital organizer or planner, but the ability to customize, share, and assess work to meet the particular needs of teachers/students can add much to the potential attributes of the app, expanding Studyo to be much more than another LMS. download-19 Where Studyo is most effective and really starts to have added value is when it is adopted by a whole school community. It may take a bit of time to set the Studyo system up but once it has been embedded within a school environment it has the potential to make scheduling, communication, and collaboration much easier for teachers, streamlining multiple tasks into one user-friendly system. Their website is chockful of helpful information, for example: Learn more about Executive Function skills and why they are so important. More information about Studyo can be found HERE
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