Summer coding camps help kids develop and strengthen areas of innate interest


Summer coding camps help kids develop and strengthen areas of innate interest

Some people believe that our abilities and talents are with us from birth, and that we will always succeed if we cultivate them as we mature. Many adults can recall when they first felt that special spark for something they knew they were good at, whether it was writing a story, solving math problems or feeling comfortable with computers. Do some research and you’ll find that some of the world’s most talented software developers were writing code at a young age. It was just in them. Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote his first program at the age of 13. And Apple’s Steve Jobs had developed a penchant for tinkering with electronics by the time he was ten.

Even if your child is not the next Gates or Jobs, he or she may still have a natural facility with computers. If so, consider enrolling him or her in a short-term summertime coding camp like Launch. Coding camps provide a terrific opportunity for kids to explore specific areas of interest. It’s a win-win situation: They’re learning, they’re acquiring important skills that will serve them well in our tech-driven economy, and they’re doing something they enjoy. What other reasons should you try a summer coding camp? Here are some strong arguments for them:

Kids who are naturally inclined toward computers as well as kids who simply demonstrate interest will be able to grow and develop new skills at their own pace in a relaxed and fun environment.

At a summer coding camp, instructors impart useful technical knowledge on their students, often adapting it to each child’s interests and abilities, but there are no grades and no tests. Whether it’s HTML or responsive web design or a first computer language like Python, students can begin developing specialized skills without the pressure to perform. It’s learning for the sake of learning—and that’s always a good thing.

Enrollment in a summer coding camp keeps kids busy during the summer and gets them back in the mode of going to school—particularly during the final weeks of summer vacation.

Teachers and parents sometimes bemoan that phenomenon known as summer learning loss. It can happen to the best of us: We take a little break from something and we start to forget where we left off. A summer coding camp may not help your child remember specific math problems or Spanish vocabulary he or she had mastered at the end of the previous academic year, but it will still help him or her get back in the rhythm of being in a classroom, listening, focusing and learning something new and challenging.

Tech skills are always relevant, and trend watchers predict they will become even more so by the time today’s elementary or middle schoolers reach the job market. Why not help your child get a leg up?

Computer literacy has become an essential part of what it means to be an educated person. And, industry websites like ITProPortal predict that in the fast-moving tech world, the computer science grad may soon be a less desirable hire than an individual who has hands-on experience writing code. Hard coding skills are still often not taught in traditional classrooms. For this reason alone, why not take advantage of a summertime experience that will give your child the chance to acquire these skills? Those who know a computer language will not just be participants in our future economy—they will be drivers of our future economy. It’s helpful and forward-looking to help your child get a head start at a time when learning is easier and less daunting.

There’s nothing better for kids than making new friends with shared interests. By sending your child to a summer coding camp, you’ll be introducing him or her to a positive peer group who also value learning.

It’s important for all of us to have friends and seek out people who share our interests. As busy adults, making time for friends can often prove challenging, but as kids, this should be a priority. If your child enjoys technology and wants to learn more about it, what better place to make like-minded friends than at a summer coding camp? Connecting with a positive group of peers who also value the experience of gaining knowledge about computers and technology can encourage your child to learn more. And learning with friends is even more fun than learning on your own.


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