Summer Savings on the Social Skill Builder Full App!

Just $9.99 now through July 15, 2013!

Social Skill Builder Full is a motivating and fun way to maintain and grow social skills on the go this summer!

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 Click here for a demo of our App. Regularly priced at $12.99, our Full version App contains 10 modules with real-life video situations followed by multiple choice questions. The videos are real scenarios in preschool, elementary, middle and high school, and community settings where adults and same-age peers demonstrate common social interactions. The Social Skill Builder Full App contains:
  • 2 modules in the title Preschool Playtime (Preschool & Playground)
  • 4 modules in the title My School Day (Laughing, Table Talk, Classroom, & Jungle Gym)
  • 2 modules in the title My Community (Friend's House & Restaurant)
  • 2 modules in the title School Rules! (Hanging Out & Classroom Assignments)
Developed by Speech Language Pathologists and based on Social Skill Builder's award-winning software curriculum, the App's interactive video modeling method teaches key social thinking, language and behavior critical to understanding and mastering social skills. This type of interactive engagement produces a higher level of understanding and retention than passively watching video stories. Scores are tracked so that progress can be evaluated and a pause button at each video can stop the action at each teachable moment. This is wonderful for further spontaneous learning and expansion of skills presented in the app. By using our App, your child or student can grow in confidence and social success in such areas as:
  • Friendship/Life Skills
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Perspective Taking

Remember, the special sale price of $9.99 is only available for a limited time!

For more information or questions, e-mail us at or visit our website at
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