Syntax City – SLPs and Teachers will be thrilled with Smarty Ears newest App!

admin-aja175Speech therapists and teachers will be thrilled with Smarty Ears newest app, Syntax City.  Learning the English rules of plurals, irregular verbs and verb agreement will no longer be boring.  Swing through the town, visiting the ski resort, grocery store, zoo, beach, farm, or other locations for targeted interventions. There are several unique ways to use this game.  Add a student through a picture or simply select an avatar picture.  Up to five students can play in various ways.  Student's picture or avatar can be dragged to one location or more than one, in order to compete against another student and various levels can be set at each location.  Students select the correct answer for points.  To reinforce expressive language, the sentence can then be recorded.  Photographic pictures also add to the learning by providing topics of discussion teachers can point out. Students are motivated by cool treasures that they can collect and view from each location.  At the end of the session teachers and therapists see a bar graph, as well as a percentage chart, denoting the student's scores.  These scores can be printed or emailed. This app is a great way to both target and differentiate instruction and will be a hit with teachers and therapists alike.  There is an informative video tutorial, support available and on screen instructions. Smarty Ears has once again created a smash hit.  And, although the price may seem steep at $24.99, we highly recommend it, Syntax City is worth every penny!   About the Author AnnFrancis1Ann Francis is a die hard special education teacher of who believes everyone can learn. She has been using iPads in the classroom for three years and it has totally changed the way she instructs. Ann also offers professional development on collecting data with apps, training teachers on apps and using the iPad.
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