Teachers With Apps Announces Newly Certified EdTech 2017

Teachers With Apps Announces Newly Certified Educational Technology  March 2017 Congratulations!

NEWteacherwithappsSeveral times a year Teachers With Apps honors those educational apps/products that we consider OUTSTANDING. Our previous announcements can be viewed here. Back in the day, we used to give this badge of Certification from Teacher With Apps to the best educational apps and if the developer made the list with three different apps we gave out a Certified App Developer badge. Much has changed over the seven short years that we have been reviewing educational apps and at this point in time, it is difficult to separate apps and the accompanying toys/accessories AND the many “connected” and “smart” tools that work in conjunction with an app. Also, we have seen a trend in companies that have merged making the certified developer program somewhat obsolete. Here are the latest organizations that consistently bring exemplary educational apps and tools to the mobile platform and are judged best in the following areas: content, presentation, execution, and overall user experience. CONGRATULATIONS for making the lives of children better! 


IconACBAppThe Anti-Coloring Book® App by Young at Art®

The Anti-Coloring Book® App for iPads is an app version of the best-selling series of books designed to promote critical thinking, stimulate creativity, spark fantasy and encourage problem-solving skills. It offers open-ended questions and opportunities to for kids; not apps, to be smart! There is no "clip art". Children use their own eye-hand coordination and imaginations to create their own art. I designed the app to closely simulate working with traditional art materials. The "art materials" provided in the app produce different effects just as real, old-fashioned crayons, chalk, markers and paint do. Each activity offers a suggestion for a story book to read on the same subject. Directions are both spoken and written, to accommodate all levels. There is a free demo app that provides all of the technology that the other apps do. New additions include an app that focuses on holidays, one for adults and a second app that includes a wide variety of subjects. See our review here.


MoneyUp-roundedx150Money Up! - Learn to use the Next Dollar Up method by PKCLsoft

Money Up was designed by teachers and therapists as a way for people to practice working out how much money they have if they have enough to purchase the items they need and how much money to give a cashier, all without requiring them to count change. The app’s goal is to help children, teens and adults to acquire or maintain a life skill they need in order to foster independence. See our review here


newsmeister_logo_300_300Newsmeister Daily News Quiz by Newsmeister

Newsmeister is a short, but substantial daily news quiz covering U.S. news, world news, business, science, history, sports, and pop culture. At roughly 3 minutes, it’s a great way for teachers to introduce current events into their classroom and at their student's home. To encourage discussion and follow-up, an explanation and source link is provided for each question. Sign up for our free student challenge for some friendly competition with other classes around the country.


images-1-1Pocket Sight Words by Cortes Global Pty Ltd.

Pocket Sight Words is a literacy learning app for teaching the age-old task of learning to read sight words in a brilliant one of a kind app! Sight words are the common words that are not usually phonetic in nature and therefore cannot be decoded or “sounded out” and as a rule are a challenge to learn.Endorsed by Parents and Teachers, Pocket Sight Words is a literacy learning app for children aged 4+ including toddlers, kindly and pre-schoolers. Pocket Sight Words is focused on the play-based learning of high-frequency words for reading and writing.  See our review here!



Art Stories CITIES by Art Stories

Art Stories CITIES encourages children to explore the world while playing.
Recomposing different skylines, by spotting the buildings and setting them in the right place, children learn to identify the landmarks of seven cities: Venice, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, Moscow. Then, children can dive into some typical events: for instance, they visit Venice with high-tide and Rio with the Carnival! Traveling worldwide, children can get all visas on their passport. Children can compose their own ideal city, choosing backgrounds, houses, buildings, landscapes, and transportation. Original illustrations suggest the moods of the cities and foster children curiosity and imagination.  With CITIES, children are trained, in a safe and secure environment to recognize shapes, identify the colors codes, recognize cities landmarks, and concentrate on short explanations.


1024_fruits_2Moona Puzzles 'Fruits' learning games for toddlers by Moona Group Limited

Moona Puzzles Fruits is a FUN educational play center with 33 different levels. Children love this new education format in the form of short game tasks. This app includes 5 types of games which improve photographic memory, attention, creative thinking, and logic. And, of course, your child will learn new words and concepts in English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, moving on the fruit level map and winning award-surprises. The app was created in collaboration with preschool teachers and psychologists, it concentrates on the development of memory. Kids remember only things that are interesting and emotionally charged. That is why this game was designed with bright, catchy and engaging activities. This app will not tire a two-year-old toddler, but will still be valuable and entertaining to a five-year-old child.


icon_vowelsLearn to read and write the vowels in Spanish - Preschool learning games by Pan Pam

This fun educational app is made for children who are starting to learn how to read, it provides instruction in learning the vowels in Spanish.  To learn the vowels, children will have a variety of activities such as: to charge the batteries of electric cars in their plugs, dress up mannequins, put fish in the proper fish tanks, be detectives, explode balloons, feed the chickens and many more games. A group of teachers developed this app adapting it to the interactive format and methodology used in the classroom for the learning of reading and writing.


unnamed-1Animal Rescue by Patrick George Ltd

This app is not just FUN and a great learning experience, it supports the integrity and survival of animals. Animal Rescue teaches young children the importance of humane treatment of all creatures. This app is intended for the five and under crowd and it has been designed with meticulous attention for this specific age group. One bonus feature is that this app contains no words, which not only disables any language barriers, it opens up an invitation for parents to get involved in the play. Most likely a child will have questions, what a wonderful opportunity to use this quality time to have discussions and promote curiosity as well as teachable moments. Isn’t this what we want? Parents getting involved in their child’s screen time and making the most of the gameplay. See our review here!



static1.squarespaceMax & Meredith: The Search for Percival by Move On Pluto

This is a marvelous storybook app geared for the younger child and backed by research of what is most effective in helping children comprehend, grow, and retain content while learning. With that said, this delightful app lets children choose the path the story takes. In this case, Max’s beloved dog Percival has gone missing and he recruits the help of his neighbor, Meredith. The two friends need to decide the best course of action for finding Percival and they don’t always agree. There are eight different storylines to choose from, each turn takes them on a decision-making quest.  See our review here!




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