Table-it! – Students with special needs learn to organize their world of knowledge

400x40000bbTable-it! – Students with special needs learn to organize their world of knowledge by C.E.T. The Center for Educational Technology (also known as SNAPPS) is a comprehensive app for supporting kids (or adults) in organizing information. Its open format can be configured for any kind of information; from setting up a calendar, sequencing tasks needed to complete a job, or giving a means to express oneself. By placing information on a table or spreadsheet-like format, be it text, pictures/videos, and audio, it is laid out in a systematic manner for easy access and opens the door to build on a learner’s strengths and accommodate to their weaknesses. Many bright and capable students fail, simply because they can’t get organized. Their systems are usually pumped up into high gear, and the smallest things distract them IMG_0397and interrupt the flow of thought and completion of tasks. Teachers, parents, and therapists will also find it useful as a simplified way to collect data. What really makes this app a jewel is its ease of set up and use. Let’s take a look inside. On the opening screen, there is an information button on the top left corner. It is well worth going into the parent/teachers’ section to learn more. Here you can learn how to send a table to another’s iPad with Table-it! on it, how to back up tables to iCloud, and editing features. An extensive pedagogical reference and rationale from a developmental point of view for the use of Table-it! is also included. This is one app that has been well thought out and explored before its release. By sorting, categorizing, and organizing information, kids broaden their scope of experience and begin to learn how things in their world are synchronized. This promotes flexibility and support to explore more: i.e. “I am always grumpy on Monday a.m., could it possibly be that I stayed up most of the night on both IMG_2365Friday and Saturday?” Through the use of a structured table format, it facilitates setting up the ways and means to begin to collect and organize data. Tables can be set with topic headings, or for older kids, they can set the headings themselves. The samples page consists of tables that can be exported and saved to one’s Library. They are great for practice or assignments for learning about brainstorming a subject. The three categories are Me and Mine, Me and My World, and World Knowledge. I love how the circle of examples grows with a child’s experiences and extends out from themselves – helping to view a broader sense of others in the world and therefore in the way they think. Here is a sample table for a picky eater. Use of a table such as this puts the kid in control and sets the value to his/her opinion. It’s also a way to measure progress. All samples can be edited IMG_2367and saved in the apps library. Making a table is a snap. Choose the number of rows or columns and styles. Want to add another category? One can always add more at any time with the editing tools in a pinch. This is truly one of the easiest and most adaptive apps for providing guided structure while still opening a window for creativity for data organization. The ability to add personal pictures/videos, audio, or simply feelings makes it personal for every individual child. And that helps keep kids on point – the information will stick because it’s relevant to them. As a therapist, Table-it! will serve as a great data collection tool. Table-it! is a TWA Top Pick, and sure to be a favorite for years to come. IMG_2364   Picture - Jo-1Jo Booth OTR/L has been an Occupational Therapist for over 35 years, and currently practices at EasterSeals of Sepa, Montgomery County Division mainly focusing on Early Intervention. It is an APS (Approved Private School) and home outreach based setting. She has also worked in Adolescent and Adult Rehabilitation. Writing reviews for Teachers With Apps have been a tremendous opportunity and experience to share and learn with others.
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