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Never underestimate the potential of a child…

Never underestimate the potential of a child... Especially one who has been given the classification falling into the special education category. This YouTube video by Jacob Barnett did back in 2011 (Jacob has Aspergers Syndrome and is considered a savant) has a message that is very simple:  When kids stop ‘learning’ they start thinking, watch this TED…
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Children with autism can use their own voices in communication aid app

London based app developers Therapy Box released a major update to ChatAble allowing people to replace generic text to speech, with their own voices, or the voice of a peer. This latest release contains the innovative integration of ModelTalker. The app also includes new voices for added choice of quality voices and Skype integration to aid connectivity. ChatAble is available in a range of languages and is an essential aid for people with speech and language difficulties.
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