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Bel Math Apps Apps FREE

Bel Math Apps Apps FREE   Starting 10/12/18, all Bel Math Apps FREE! That's right the entire suite of Bel Math applications are now FREE!!!  Bel Math Apps offers 8 educational math applications:  - 2 iPhone apps Math BK5 & Math BK5Lite - 6 iPad apps Math Whole, Quiz Generator, Math Fraction, Math Integers, Compare All…
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Mobile Learning Experience 2015

On June 2015, there was the Mobile Learning Experience 2015 Conference in Tucson, Arizona. The conference speeches, presentations, sessions raised the same burning questions that developers, educators, teachers, parents discuss at home, school, on FB pages, twitter, conferences & meetings: how to use technology to support learning in a classroom, how to organize the best way to…
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Bel Math Apps introduces the iPad application Math Fraction

The company Bel Math Apps introduces the iPad application Math Fraction. Math Fraction is an iPad application created by independent company Bel Math Apps. Math Fraction offers an advanced approach to practicing elementary/middle school mathematics and provides a wide spectrum of math exercises with fractions & decimals covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math Fraction content…
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