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Coding is a modern superpower – Osmo

  Coding is a modern superpower - Osmo   Children learn best through play the research has been done and this is considered fact. Merging tangible blocks with interactive games encourage the imagination, invites creativity and enhances the child’s overall screen experience.   Coding teaches logic skills and problem-solving, and it gets kids prepared to succeed in…
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Introducing WonderPaw – April Fool’s

Introducing WonderPaw, the world’s first app that teaches dogs to code  - Two years ago, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the magic of robotics and coding to children everywhere. With the help of thousands of supporters, your favorite robotic pals Dash & Dot were born and have introduced coding to children of all ages.…
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Hopscotch Technologies’ New App Can Teach Kids to Code

Hopscotch HD is a precursor or introduction to coding. Hopscotch calls this coding for kids: an iPad programming language. In case you didn't catch it already, read my recent blog which has been getting its fair share of attention: 15 Reasons Why We Should Be Teaching Our Kids To Code. “All of the today’s kids will…
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