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New Duckie Deck app helps to familiarize toddlers with brushing teeth

Duckie Deck introduces Duckie Deck With Teeth 1.0 for iOS, the first of a brand new series of apps that teach healthy hygienic habits from a young age. With Teeth is an interactive app that serves to help parents familiarize their little ones with brushing and proper dental hygiene. Colorful graphics, dynamic elements and fun sound effects will capture a child's imagination. The simple user interface makes it easy for kids to play independently, or together with a friend or family member.
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Huff ‘n Puff by Duckie Deck – a unique and breath-engaging app for kids

Duckie Deck today introduces Huff N' Puff, their newest app for kids that teaches about the physical effects of wind and air, in a simplified setting. Designed for toddlers as young as 12 months, Huff N Puff allows them to have a more direct interaction with the digital world by using the power of their own breath. Just blow some air near the iPad's or iPhone's iOS 5 microphone and delight in the realistic effect on-screen. The app features more than 20 fun scenarios that are sure to delight.
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Duckie Deck Collection – Unique Combination of 6 Engaging Games For Kids

Duckie Deck is proud to announce Duckie Deck Collection 1.2.2, a unique combination of 6 engaging games that help kids form healthy habits and positive attitudes by invoking smiles. More than 8 million children in 180 countries around the world are playing Duckie Deck's games. Every day, Duckie Deck supports parents around the world in the task of educating their young children. Our games teach in a simple way why you should share with others, segregate garbage or brush your teeth.
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