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COMMENTARY Q & A from Education Week – Sir Ken Robinson

My all time education hero, Sir Ken Robinson has been discussing the lack of creativity and that standardized does not fit all students. We were remiss back in 2012 when we did not mention him in our blog Apps to Foster More Creativity in the Classroom!  We made up for it by writing about him numerous times since, and in 2014…
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What Schools Should Use Instead Of Standardized Tests

LA Johnson/NPR Education Week recently reported that some Republican Senate aides are doing more than dreaming — they're drafting a bill that would eliminate the federal mandate on standardized testing. Also, I read in NPR EdHOW LEARNING HAPPENS more about this initiative to finally back down on this over-zealous testing model that is obviously not working out…
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Are iPads Keeping Kids Up at Night?

Are iPads Keeping Kids Up at Night? According to the latest research and an article that appeared in Education Week iPads are keeping kids up at night and also damaging sleep patterns. I've read that it is recommended to put your device away at least a half an hour before going to bed, for me that would also…
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