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Genius Plaza App: Learn and Collaborate

 Learn and collaborate! More and more, we find teachers and students using their mobile devices for assistance.  To better serve the needs of students around the world, we have created apps to help connect teachers and students with fun, educational content.  This week, we are unveiling the Genius Plaza app, which offers free educational resources…
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How Can We Nurture Passion in a School Setting?

Everyone I came across at the ASCD Conference agreed that our education system is broken. Yet, we continue to struggle with solutions. Everyone seemed to agree that schools need a broad and balanced approach to education that includes not only mathematics and literacy but the arts, sciences, humanities and physical education. When Sir Ken Robinson got up for…
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Economy and Education: How America is Falling Behind

   Economy and Education: How America is Falling Behind There is strong evidence that economic growth has been accompanied by growth in both spending and participation in schooling. Education of a Nation 1867: Federal Dept. of Education is formed 1870: First report by the new Education Department: • 7 million children enrolled in elementary school…
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