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Has Twitter Overtaken Facebook? Do We Care About Privacy?

According to an early 2013 report from ComScore.com, Facebook still maintained the lead for American user engagement for a single website — but not anymore! At least not when discussing the American teen. A new survey shows that Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the most popular social network among American teens, according to a recent…
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5 Ways You’re Annoying Everyone on Social Media

5 Ways You’re Annoying Everyone on Social Media was written by Jonathan Payne and published on Jeff Bulla's blog . Even with the huge emphasis placed on permission marketing lately, so many marketers still fail to understand that consumers don’t like to be yelled at.The paradigm of interruption marketing went out the window long ago and, if you’re not careful, you’ll…
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Educators: Embrace Social Media

What is up with teacher development and the fear of social media? So many educators are soaring into the next advent of learning, while others continue to lecture and talk with the kids, avoiding the digital tools that are so readily available. Yesterday, in a passing conversation discussing sharing of great resources, I asked a…
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