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Scribble Press Deluxe by Fingerprint Digital

Scribble Press Deluxe  Kids can tell their stories with Scribble Press Deluxe by Fingerprint Digital, the mobile book creation platform for kids that encourages creative writing and artistic expression through writing, drawing and a creative tool suite. Scribble Press Deluxe was created by Fingerprint, which is a global mobile technology company that powers games and…
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Fingerprint Acquires Two Awesome Mobile Education Companies

 Fingerprint acquires two awesome mobile education companies, Cognitive Kid, a TWA Certified Developer and Scribble Press a TWA Certified APP! Fingerprint’s library of kids’ apps, games and e-books are now over 800. This San Francisco-based company was founded by former Leapfrog executive, Nancy MacIntyre, who jets around the globe in search of the best app companies to possibly partner with. Read her…
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