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Kiddom is a Blended Learning Classroom’s Best Friend!

Kiddom is a Blended Learning Classroom's Best Friend! We have talked quite a bit about blended learning in the past couple years, watching it rise from a buzzy new possibility to an implementable tool, to becoming well on its way to an inevitable (and beneficial!) reality.  We’ve mentioned them in the past, but we’d like to…
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Teaching and Learning Made Beautiful

Teaching and Learning Made Beautiful Introducing the new Kiddom: helping teachers plan, assess, and analyze learning all in one cohesive system. Learn more. Learn More Try Kiddom 2.0 The new Kiddom platform includes more than 50 features, including: Interactive Planner: design curriculum for a class and modify pathways for individual students New Reports: beautiful, actionable analytics to analyze performance and pivot instruction More Customization: fine tune your…
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Kiddom Has It All!

Kiddom is an intuitive, free platform specifically developed for teachers of all grade levels.  This one platform organizes EVERYTHING in ONE location--grades, curriculum/lesson planning, standards tracking, and data compilation. First, teachers create classes and enroll students (students can even add themselves).  Teachers assign digital or non-digital assignments.  Digital assignments can be created in Google Drive…
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