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Kilubu : Magic Potions – New Game for Kids Released on the iPad

Kiupe introduces Kilubu : Magic Potions for iPad and iPhone. Kilubu : Magic Potions is a game for kids in which they create magic potions in a rich and vibrant world. Kids get to choose their ingredients. They then prepare them and boil them up in their own magical cauldron. Finally they watch the results by giving them to Sacha. The app has several features and comes in five languages. There's also an area just for parents.
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Math Mathews : Mental Math – Innovative Serious Game

Kiupe today introduces Math Mathews : Mental Math 1.0 for iPad, iPhone and Android. This game prompts players to find the missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems in 8 different levels and alternates with fun gameplay (collecting coins). With game mechanics, such as collecting coins and rewards, the app provides a learning perspective that improves user engagement as well as monitoring tools for parents to track progress.
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