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Coding is a modern superpower – Osmo

  Coding is a modern superpower - Osmo   Children learn best through play the research has been done and this is considered fact. Merging tangible blocks with interactive games encourage the imagination, invites creativity and enhances the child’s overall screen experience.   Coding teaches logic skills and problem-solving, and it gets kids prepared to succeed in…
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Digital Highlights – Toy Fair 2015

[caption id="attachment_54045" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Crayola's New App[/caption] Digital Highlights - Toy Fair 2015 First, off the weathermen (or women) were wrong again! It is a mild 32 degrees and the snow that fell did not stick…. So excited to have stumbled upon a brand new app/book company called Powerful Plants. Al Benner had this brainchild…
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Osmo Garners App Store and $12 Million in Funding

Forbes magazine reported yesterday the exciting news that Osmo, formerly knows as Tangible Play, has just been funded with $12 million to expand their cutting edge product. What we found even more impressive was that they were also able to successfully partner a deal to be sold in 284 Apple Stores! If you are not familiar with OSMO you should be;…
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