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25+ Terrific Educational App Developers

Every Thursday evening a group called EdAppTalk gets together to talk education and tech. The group has over 3000 members, but on a usual night, we have a handful of regulars that come out. If you would like to join this group all are invited, just go to EdAppTalk and ask to join. This post, 25+ Terrific Educational…
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Dollar Up 1.0 – Exciting New App Teaches Money to Special Needs Kids

PKCLsoft today introduces Dollar Up 1.0, their new educational app for the iPad. Dollar Up is an app written expressly for use by special education teachers or parents of special needs children. The purpose of Dollar Up is to act as a teaching aid of the "Next Dollar Up" technique, a popular approach for teaching money skills to special needs individuals. This technique can help increase independence and empower individuals by teaching them how to use money and make their own purchases.
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