Taking Notes on Your NOOK

ipad-note-takingIt doesn’t matter if you’re a business professional looking to get the most out of your next meeting, a college student trying to get everything you need for an upcoming exam or a stay at home parent who wants to be 100 percent sure you don’t forget anything on your next trip to the grocery store—you need to take notes. If you’re the owner of the new NOOK which is a modified Samsung Tab 4, taking notes is an easier process than ever.   Kicking it Old School While handwritten notes aren’t as common on electronic tablets as they are on writing tablets, it’s still easy enough to do. The new NOOK ships with Android 4.4, making it compatible with a number of different note-taking apps that allow users to easily pen down notes fairly naturally; writing things out electronically on these apps can be done with a stylus or your index finger, without the limitations of paper. Add lines easily, don’t worry about making noise shuffling from one page to the other, and revel in the joy of knowing you’re saving a tree and still have all the “paper” you could possibly need. More complex natural writing apps like Papyrus allow users to markup existing documents like PDFs, making signing off on contracts and annotating documents for revision as easy as the old days of the red pen. According to Android Central this particular app is optimized for use with an active stylus but balances the need for “special” equipment by using vector-based rendering, which means that you can scale up your notes to any size without a loss of clarity. This makes it possible to put all your notes on a single sheet and still easily navigate from one section to the other without worrying about your writing getting too small to read.   The Best of the Best Handwritten notes are great for those users with readable handwriting or issues with touch-based keyboards, but for those who prefer type over chicken-scratch, there are other options. The Verge reports that Evernote is currently the best note-taking app on the market, offering to sync between multiple devices and a plethora of great additional features. Evernote’s best features allow users to:
  • Record audio during a notetaking session for later review
  • Snap and embed photos into their note content
  • Easily separate and organize notes in “books” for quick navigation
While the basic app is free, there are a number of premium features that can be purchased for a low monthly fee that expands on Evernote’s simple but powerful functions, making it easy to take and organize even the most complex notes in pretty much any setting. While it may not be as quick as a hand-written option—and experts report a bit of a “learning curve” in figuring out the functionality of the app—this is a great choice for the new NOOK thanks to its high ratings and its flawless compatibility across all Android devices. Keeping It Simple If you’re into note-taking on your eReader strictly for annotation purposes, a common statement from students, Dummies.com reports that the NOOK already has a feature for that! The process of placing a “bookmark” in a given body of text is simple, quick, and includes the option to add notes. There is a character limit—try to keep your annotations to around the length of a Tweet—but for simple notes and annotations, this is a great feature. The ability to mark up a textbook, novel or manuscript in PDF or EPUB format without ever leaving your reading screen could be a boon to easily distracted college students, writers and more.   Photo by Sean MacEntee, Creative Commons Attribution
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