tapStory: Picture Books, Reimagined

 tapStory by Owen Matthews of Playful Art - Kids are natural creators and have a burning desire to express themselves. tapStory is an iPad app that harnesses these superpowers. It enhances picture books with creative play, creating a novel immersive experience for young readers. Kids anime characters and read the story out loud, and then play back their performances—each one a singular expression of their imagination. Characters and other objects can be moved, rotated, resized and flipped using simple gestures. Audio is recorded automatically as the reader narrates. Recordings can be played back while the story is open, and they can be saved to play later. Kids can also create their own stories based on existing characters and scenery. All artwork from purchased stories is available for use in stories. Custom-created stories can be saved for reading just like the standard stories, so users can record themselves reading and animating their own creations. All the stories in the app are original content created by talented illustrators—most of them are current or recently graduated students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.static1.squarespace-2   Availability tapStory is available for iPad in the App Store worldwide and is a free download. It comes with two stories. Eight more stories are available as in-app purchases.  Features
  • Original stories
  • Beautiful, high-quality illustration
  • Open-ended, kid-driven creative play
  • Interaction model which complements reading, instead of distracting from it
  • Kids infuse their personality into stories
If you want to engage your kid in playtime that goes beyond passive entertainment and shallow, tap-and-react interactions, download tapStory and watch your child bring storybooks to life in tapStory!
How can I use tapStory? Children
  • Practice storytelling and acting, and share with your friends.
  • Use your imagination: each scene has endless possibilities!
  • Create your own stories: make fan fiction or do a mashup of multiple characters from different books.
  • Give your child engaging, high-quality literature.
  • Foster creativity, concentration, and high-level thought. tapStory leaves many children's tap-and-poke style apps in the dust!
  • Use their recordings to mark your children's milestones—digitally augment your fridge door.
  • Make your own recording so that your child can hear you read the story whenever they want.
  • Motivate your students to read.
  • Evaluate reading aptitude and comprehension by playing back students' recordings.
  • Provide a playtime activity that is rich in developmental content, and a learning activity that feels like play.
  • Teach the important elements of good storytelling and design.
Special Needs
  • Integrate reading with engaging content that provides great visual and auditory feedback.
  • Use stories as a way to think about and act out real-life situations.
Healthcare Professionals
  • Keep young patients occupied and happy during long visits.
  • Offer a fun and exciting reward for good behavior.
About the Creator
owen-mathews-tapstory-e1468459642264-1038x631Owen Mathews is an educator with 12 years of experience and has been an iOS developer since 2009. His company, Playful Art, LLC, is devoted to creating beautiful tools for creative kids. He was inspired to create tapStory by his own experiences reading as a child. With tapStory, he set out to create something that could set a really high standard for what’s possible on the iPad for kids.
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