Looking for a Fun Way to Make Extra Money this Summer? Teach ESL from home!


no pants required

Summer is here! Teachers rejoice! Between trips with the family and the morning sleep-ins, there is a lot of time to do what YOU want.

What if you still have an inkling to teach, but you’d rather not get out of your jammies? Well what if I told you how I do just that every day while teaching ESL to students in China? There’s a huge demand for English-speaking teachers from the U.S. and Canada. As a remote ESL teacher, I have taught more 800 classes for more than 3,500 Chinese students all from the comfort of my own home. I get to mix my love for teaching with my witty personality and I actually have a lot of fun every time I teach. The classroom size is small (1-4 students per 30 minute class), the children are respectful and want to learn. As a Certified (TESOL) teacher, I have flexible hours, great pay, and weekly bonuses. I average around 8-12 hours a week in the low season and as much as 30-35 hours a week in the high season (February, July, and August). There are thousands of teachers earning terrific, part-time incomes as ESL teachers. Millions of dollars are being poured into these companies because some parents in China believe that learning authentic English gives their children an advantage in the marketplace.

The qualifications are pretty basic:

      • You must be a native English speaker based in the U.S. or Canada
      • You should have a Bachelor’s degree or be currently enrolled in a University program.
      • You need to be available to teach a minimum of 6 hours a week (12, 30-minute sessions)
      • You must have a powerful enough computer to run their proprietary software
      • You must have an outgoing personality because you will be teaching children ages 5-10
      • Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not required.
      • Hard-wired to your internet service.

So how do you start?

The application process involves a five-minute application, a cover letter, your resumé and you need to film a one-minute video reading your favorite children’s book. Use lots of gestures in your video and you’ll be golden! I read a one-minute passage from the Three Bears!

“I think one of the coolest benefits of being an ESL teacher is that I’ve formed a lot of new friendships all over the U.S. and with the support groups online, it’s fun and easy to find my way around. And the students are so respectful, it makes teaching fun!”

Classes are easy to teach because the curriculum is set by the company. Many times you just need to show up and teach, but it’s recommended to look over each lesson before hand to prep for each class. I like to bring an assortment of stuffed animals, real items such as sporting equipment, utensils, books, and more. Knowing ahead of time what the class will be about helps a lot in both the student’s and the teacher’s understanding of each class.

The pay is competitive at about $16-$26/hr. depending on which company you choose. I currently only work with one company. Some companies frown at working with multiple companies, but you can almost double your pay and there are even one-on-one tutorials and adult classes as well, so make sure to ask about that before you’re hired. In addition to a competitive starting wage, weekly bonuses can be earned and referrals are encouraged.

If you’re interested in knowing more, just click on the link below and use my referral code when you apply, I’ll earn a referral.

Since I do have a great relationship with TeacherWithApps, I thought I’d give you guys a bonus. If you sign up today with my referral code and send me a screenshot of your application, I’ll send you a free coupon for my course, “Earn Great Income Teaching English as a Second Language.” It’s packed with useful tips and a step-by-step process showing how I got hired.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to make a little extra money this summer, why not try ESL!


For more information on how to apply, visit http://www.intensemedia.com/apply.html

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