Teachers With Apps Announces Certified Apps

NEWteacherwithapps-768x753Teachers With Apps Announces  Certified Apps - Congratulations! Teachers With Apps congratulations the following inductees into their Certification Program. This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud outstanding Apps and App Developers in the education app industry. Mobile devices have become commonplace in learning spaces throughout the world. Reports continue to show mobile developers struggling to monetize their apps. It's important to note, iPads and other mobile devices are only as good as the content on them. Now more than ever, we need to bring attention to the developers bringing engaging and educationally sound products to the market. We aim to continue recognizing the finest in the educational app industry. TWA Certified apps are exemplary educational applications, they have withstood intensive field-testing with kids and are both teacher and child approved. Congratulations and welcome to the TWA Certification Program:

TWA Certified Apps:

400x40000bb-1-300x300-2Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Games by PixelPress Technology Bloxels was one of the great finds at the Toy Fair 2016! Tucked into a small booth was this incredible and innovative new concept in not only creating your very own “video game” but also making it from the ground up by first designing with tangible pixel-like blocks in a 13×13 grid. This is a game and app for the whole family or any classroom. It is reminiscent of the old Atari or the early Mario Brothers games – except it puts the kids in the driver’s seat for building game content and complexity. On opening, one sees the Bloxel Gameboard where stories begin. It is an actual physical board with a 13×13 grid where blocks can be arranged to make characters and decorations using the color blocks as pure color.

Wonder by Wonder Workshopwonder-1

Wonder Will Win You Over! This app is simply wonderful.  Wonder is used with one or both of Wonder Workshop’s programmable robots. Dash is the company’s larger, mobile, and more complex robot.  While Dot is smaller and stationary.  Combining both robots means they are able to interact with each other, but you do not need both robots to use the app. The robots “communicate” with the app using Bluetooth. Wonder is a programming app.  Children write lines of code and these lines, in turn, tell the robot what to do.  If your children are familiar with websites/apps like Scratch or Tynker, using Wonder will be especially thrilling.  Writing programs to create simple games is fun. However, writing programs that cause objects to move and interact with the real-world is a completely different experience.  Children are enthralled by this app!

Miaomiao_FunWithColors_AppStore_Logo_MarkMediaCorpFun with Colors by Mark Media  A delightful new app that teaches beginning Chinese, and reversely can teach English to preschoolers whose birth language is Chinese. What a blessing this is as it shows that the developers know children and the developmental expectations for performance. Mark Media is a company that is committed to making the world a little more accessible, by sharing culture, storytelling, and technology. Based in Toronto, they have received numerous awards, and now have a TV series with the preschool character, Miaomiao that airs on New Tang Dynasty Television in Canada. Check out their website for more information and view their incredible array of off-screen worksheets for teaching Chinese here. 400x40000bbAvaz FreeSpeech: Build Grammatically Correct Language by Avaz, Inc. A new innovative educational app that helps kids learn grammar and sentence structure by choosing a single word and expanding their thoughts through a series of wh- questions that create a “visual map” of their sentence.  The question prompts help children to expand their language and create more complex, grammatically correct sentences. Users are able to arrange words in different orders to convey different messages.  400x40000bb3-300x300Jump! A Game of Numbers Artgig App’s Yes, Another great math app for practicing Math Facts, you may say? No, no, this is NOT merely an app that aids in the retention of basic math facts or sought out for the pure pleasure of playing with numbers; it is about saving a species. The background story is that our friends, the Snortles, have been blown from their volcano home, and are now floating in the ocean. They need help in finding a new home, and it is up to you trusty hero types to “Use Math as a Path” to rescue them. They sure are cute little critters, but without some help, they may not be saved. There are 6 regions, where the refugees are welcomed, and up to 24 Snortles can resettle in each of these new communities. mwgMusic with Grandma by Fairlady Media Intended for children just beginning to discover music or playing an instrument (ages 6 and up), I have found that kids a little younger are also capable of playing the games with confidence, requiring only minimal help to pursue the activities. Every aspect of this app adheres to Fairlady Media’s high quality of standards and is packed with 8 different games and video to cover all the material that beginning musicians will need to play an instrument. Music synchronizes patterns of sounds and helps with the development of auditory processing, spatial skills (including movement), and academic skills. bitsboardBitsboard Pro – The Best Educational Learning Games and Flash Cards in 1 App by Innovative Investments Limited A beautifully crafted app that expands on the traditional use of flash cards by making them customizable and motivating to play, through the use of multiple mini-games. The app is filled with downloadable “boards” and/or classes covering a multitude of topics made by the Bitsboard staff, teachers, ABA practitioners, and parents. In turn, each board can be added to, combined, and/or tweaked for “just the right personalized touch” and amount of information. 400x40000bb-4-300x300The Foos Coding 5+ | Make games! Kids learn programming logic Update The Foos provides an incredible learning experience for all kids, both young and those young at heart. Kids as young as four have been successful playing with a minimum amount of supervision, and the younger ones benefit from shared play with adults or siblings. Most parents and educators are drawn into gameplay along with their kids. The accompanied educator’s guide for teaching and learning more about the benefits of coding is a gift. A lot of effort and thought went into this app. The pedagogy and play are laid out for both the novice and expert alike, and will get kids up to speed in coding concepts in minutes. 1200x630bfThe Sounding Out Machine – Assistive Reading Device by FizzBrain A brilliant new app.  It helps children focus on hard words for them when reading, and then models/teach them how to sound out those difficult words. Even before preschool, a child with an enriched environment is being exposed to skills needed for reading readiness, best practices in preschool involve many components for teaching students how to get ready to read. The Sounding Out Machine is an ideal tool for those students that don’t grasp the concepts right away and continue to struggle with what is known as “decoding”. ME512iWorld Geography Middle East Region the newest release by Ten Sun Interactive An introduction to teaching the geography of the middle east countries. Also included are the countries capital cities and the continents that surround the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. This app is a wonderful way to introduce this area of the world and to delve deeper into each of the specific areas. From a geological perspective, this region is considered a subcontinent of Asia. Having children learn about this part of the world is obvious, every day in the NEWS we hear mention of these countries and the ongoing turmoil, we should all know where these countries are in relation to one another as well as other parts of the world.  This area plays a critical geopolitical role in the Middle East and Arab world due to its vast reserves of oil and natural gas. imgresZooper ABC Animals by Zooper Dooper Edutainment Inc. The joy of celebrating laughter is what sets Zooper ABC Animals apart from your typical ABC app. The app contains three different play modes: the opening page brings you to the alphabet and the child chooses whatever letter they want. First, the animal is introduced with a delightful illustration and a jaunty rhyme, the interactivity is comical and engaging. Next, you have the option of practicing tracing the letter both upper and lower case with simple guides to help children learn the proper formation. This comprehensive app is outstanding tool to get kids ready to read. This app screams labor of love! Every detail has been thoroughly thought through, play-tested, refined and perfected.
400x40000bb-1-300x300-1Leonardo’s Cat by StoryToys A magical journey that promotes sequencing, prioritizing, and then testing a hypothesis of what may happen next in order to achieve a goal. These are important life skills and are some of the building blocks to facilitating independent thinkers and problem solvers. The execution of the game is about as perfect as it gets, and it is loads of fun for all ages – meaning you will have to surrender the iPad to the kid that you bought this game for in the first place. Game play centers on using the inventions and dreams of Leonardo da Vinci to collect all the pieces to his beloved Automaton that Michelangelo has stolen away. 400x40000bb-2The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Shapes and Colors by StoryToys A gentle, enchanting, and elegant app for toddlers and preschoolers. Continuing with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar as the main character, StoryToys has now increased the demands of play and expectations on little learners, while still keeping the awe and wonder of discovery as they have with the other apps in the series. The artwork is outstanding, and something that StoryToys excels at producing with each and every app. It is rich and delicious, but not so busy or cluttered that kids go on visual overload and can’t complete the given task.
400x40000bb-1HangArt by Literary Safari Beginning with the opening screen and spying that Mondrian inspired logo, you just know you’re going to be in for some fun with Literary Safari’s HangArt. It has some of the features that we love from classic games like Scrabble, Pictionary, and Mad Libs and combines them in one app cohesively. There are a lot of learning objectives packed into this little game; Whoops – I mean educational app. Kids K-3 will not even realize the extent of what they are taking in because the app is centered on the play. 10104-logo-App Logo picture hdPhoto Tales - Create photo stories with your kids by Photo Tales An app with a focus on literacy skills, it engages your family to create original stories with your personal photographs. It is kid-driven and promotes creativity as well as encouraging student's voice. It was created with the concept that kids are more focused and attentive when they see pictures of themselves and the things that they like in the learning process. Each story can be up to 12 pages, each of which has a caption to choose from and space for up to three photographs, a few graphics, and a caption. Pictorial icons make the app easy to use and navigate for youngsters making this app a perfect fit for students with special needs. imgresElastic Alphabets for Kids by Pratik Machchar An app to simply mesmerize young children with the uncomplicated concept that kids can relate to, line drawings. Noun after noun of child-friendly words is illustrated and accompanied by surprizing animations. An apple transforms into an arrow and ultimately leads to the letter B, a balloon pops and out comes the letter C and so the app unfolds! This clever application is a great way to introduce the 26 letters of the alphabet and then reinforce them with a variety of words and pictures that are all relevant to a young child’s life. 400x40000bb-5 Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen by Sesame Street Sesame Workshop and Tiggly have long been favorites of TWA, because of their dedication to educating children in a sensory rich and delightful manner. Of course, Sesame Street is legendary and is a vital part of many children’s early learning experiences worldwide. Tiggly was one of the first companies to integrate manipulatives with their apps so that kids could access and better retain material by activating a child’s whole body in play and learning. So imagine the news…. that Sesame Workshop Apps has teamed with Tiggly to create a game with Cookie Monster as the host, and students use Tiggly’s vowel manipulatives to experiment and create words. Wowie, it just doesn’t get more fun than that! DNA-PLAY-icon-512px-300x300DNA Play by Avokiddo Watching kids play is DNA Play is like seeing the birth of STEAM education for the very young in action. (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.) This app is wildly creative, brave, and most of all outrageously fun. In the U.S. there is a big controversy on when and how to present certain subjects of studies. We wait…and wait…and wait, and then wonder why kids are having such a hard time retaining the massive amount of material when subjects are eventually broached. Avokiddo is showing that it is never too early to start, and laying down foundations in early learning may just set pathways of understanding in motion. images-3OSMO by Tangible Play Osmo Letters is a competitive game involving critical thinking, speed, and phonics knowledge. There are two levels.  Both levels show a picture and blank spaces along the bottom of the screen. The picture hints become more and more obscure thus encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Tangram is the app that corresponds to the Tangram pieces.  The screen shows a shape made with the pieces.  Players must fit the physical pieces together on the table to match the shapes on the screen.  Correct placement earns the player a rewarding sound.  Once a player completes one shape, the player may choose another shape to complete from the home screen.  The goal is the rescue people being held in castles throughout the screen. Numbers is the newest app by this amazing company.  This app was designed for the youngest set of students—four and five-year-olds.  It includes a set of numerals and a set of tiles with dots representing the numbers 1-5. Numbers teach number concepts and number recognition in a fun, adorable game. Children pop numbered bubbles filled with water by matching the numbers on the bubbles to an equal amount of number tiles the child places on the table. Newton is a physics-based game.  A ball drops from the top of the iPad screen. The students’ goal is to get the ball to hit one or more targets randomly placed on the screen.  To do this, students must change the trajectory of the ball.  Doing so requires users to place objects on the table in front of the iPad.  The ball on the screen then bounces and rolls off these objects. Masterpiece  is just that, a virtual masterpiece! This app is truly a work of art, it is the modern Leonardo DaVinci-esque drawing tool. This new app is easy to use and enables magnificent drawings for any skill level. The quick tutorial gives you easy access to start drawing right away. Once you have the device set up and have your pen ready to go, choose whatever you would like to draw. 400x400bb-2-300x300-150x150The Flitlits: THE FUNNY FAIRA FERRY TO AIRYA SHINE SHOW SHOCK TWA celebrates Eiry Rees Thomas and her award-winning series about the Flitlits, the setting is the fantastic island of  Fussbut, Seldom See, which is a wondrous land lost in time, so named since children may fuss, but access it only by means of their imagination. The books are somewhere between a chapter book and a picture book, giving kids ages 8-11 the chance to read and explore the world like no other. It is the lyricism of the prose that knocks you off your feet and pulls you in like a siren’s song. The three volumes came out first as interactive apps that portray storytelling that is steeped in tradition, and are now available in book form too. The American language version (of which there is a choice of English, Welsh or American English) is filled with rhyme, rhythm, and creates a magical syncopation that builds in anticipation as it is read aloud. How do you start in describing this incredible world? It is not like anything you have ever experienced before. Each word on the page is placed to make the whole experience so expansive and rich in detail; it is hard to know where to begin.    
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  1. Jayne Clare Jayne Clare

    Thanks Eiry, for your ongoing support – We try very hard to bring the best educational resources into the limelight, we are passionate about our work!

  2. This is wonderful news! I’m so thrilled that my Flitlit series has received the prestigious TWA Certified badge and shall display it with immense pride. The review is incredibly appreciated too. Thank you so much for the valuable work that you do to bring attention to our work for the benefit of children, parents educators and librarians.