Teachers With Apps Announces Newly Certified Apps

NEWteacherwithapps-768x753Teachers With Apps is excited to announce the newest inductees into their Certification Program. This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud those who are producing outstanding educational products in the digital space. It’s important to note, iPads and other mobile devices are only as good as the content on them. Now more than ever, we need to bring attention to the developers bringing engaging and educationally sound products to the market. We aim to continue recognizing the finest in the educational app industry. TWA Certified apps/products are exemplary educational applications, they have withstood intensive field-testing with kids and are both teacher and child approved. Congratulations and welcome to the TWA Certification Program: owleyes_logotypeOwl Eyes is a web-based application that provides a free etext library focusing on Common Core exemplar texts for English Language Arts with supportive annotations, critical analyses, and classroom management tools. They have your text covered with is an enhanced reading and annotating experience for classrooms. Find full texts with expert analysis in their comprehensive library. Their well thought out annotations are designed to equip teachers with further insights into texts. Each text can be assigned to a classroom and given a novel reading experience—you can manage the visibility of annotations and opt to use them for your classroom, or just allow students to create their own. Owl Eyes also allows for the tracking of student growth. It is an almost effortless set up for a classroom on any device, have your students annotating and exposed to higher learning in a snap! download-8Zap Zap Kindergarten Math has released its first rendition of its kinder curriculum and it has the potential to be out of this world! TWA reviewed their first release back in May of Zap Zap Math – K6 Math Games and loved the space theme and the slick graphics that come across as gender-free. Visual Math Interactive took the feedback given after that release and focused on the foundational skills addressed in kindergarten and incorporated the CCSS and clear verbal prompts for the young learners who are not yet reading. The app is a series of eight adventures that take place in outer space, each having a particular math game centered on great gameplay and a different primary math topic. The play is centered around number sense and number recognition, counting, comparing numbers as greater than, less than, or equal to, basic addition and subtraction concepts and mathematical equality. download-2Physics Studio by Sridhar Sundaram is a convenient way to help conquer the challenging topic of physics. A strong science foundation in physics is needed by students in order understand simple operations in our world. One of the difficulties in teaching physics is that it is hard to understand without directly experiencing it. And it is through experience, students begin to quickly build an intuitive understanding and a love for physics. What sets this app apart from the pack is that topics like Waves, Electricity, Energy, Electromagnetism can be explored through the simulations set in the app. This was the inspiration and impetus in creating Physics Studio.  The app revolves around the core topics in physics and supports  NGSS (US), IGCSE (UK), ACARA (Australia), CBSE (India), and KTO12 (Philippines) standards, so teachers can see exactly which part of the syllabus a certain topic is from. MathElf IconMath Elf  Math Tutoring and Homework Help by MathElf is an app in which students can actually talk with “live” math tutors to help them understand difficult math problems. This app is a perfect go-to for finding a master math tutor 24/7! What a brilliant idea and Math Elf has made it happen! And though it isn’t a new concept (Khan Academy) this app has pulled out all the stops! These tutors are experts in math and strongly believe in working with the students to help them understand how to solve the math problems and explain the necessary procedures. It is seamless to use, students can take a picture of their problem and are talking to a tutor on demand on the spot. The Math Elf tutors are from all over the world and therefore available for students across the globe at any time of day or night. download-6Spelling BugBug 2nd Grade Words is the latest app by Ace Entertainment. All lessons and activities are designed using the Common Core State Standards and the games are designed utilizing real 2nd-grade curriculum spelling words.  How many spelling word cards you can match to create a beautiful butterfly? Can you fly with firefly through four distinct worlds to find the words before the caterpillars can get them? What about helping the caterpillars that with their schedule. Spelling Bug helps your child learn 2nd-grade spelling words with four games with great sound and entertaining graphics. The feature to add your own list of spelling words from your class and the ability to use your own voice gives Spelling Bug 2nd Grade Words a long shelf-life. A new vocabulary word for me was Bouma, this is another helpful feature, Bouma is when a cluster of letters shows the shape formed by the outline of a word letters.
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