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photo-1 Rounding up the best and favorite elementary school apps is not an easy task, the market is saturated and there are so many standouts that cover the gamut of grade levels. Obviously, one of the first considerations we focus on when writing a review is, of course, the learning potential of an app. Another important aspect is the shelf life - how long will the app be useful and stand up to the test of time? We want this to be a lasting resource for teachers and parents, the solid go-to list that will serve you well for quite some time. *Notice at the bottom of the page we starred some super apps that cross than more than one content area. We have put together a great list but if you know of an app we may have missed, please let us know about it in the comment section below. (Coming soon:  Apps for Special Needs & Book Apps) photo Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity, by iMagine machine, is a modern day take on the beloved and all time classic – Mr. Potato Head – our generation’s mainstay toy for creative play! This app is a great way [...]Read Post → Eye Paint Animals, by Curious Hat, is one of the most innovative and invigorating apps we’ve seen to date. TWA had the pleasure of speaking with Luca Prasso, one of the co-founders of Curious Hat, and got a [...]Read Post → Felt Board, by Software Smoothie, is an app that brings us back to much simpler times via a virtual felt board. Felt boards are a big part of any preschooler’s routine, when I taught this age-range, I was [...]Read Post → photo-1 Avokiddo Emotions, by Avokiddo, is a brilliant new app by the developers of the much loved and ever so popular, Beck and Bo. Avokiddo Emotions provides over-the-top fun and is an extraordinary educational tool to help kids develop their [...]Read Post → One Globe Kids – children’s stories from around the world, by Round by Design, has found a unique and undiscovered niche in the educational market and we think that they are onto something big! Children can “visit” friends from around the world [...]Read Post → photo-7 We use Math Drills, by Instant Interactive, regularly with our students and really like this app. It reminds us of the no-nonsense computer games that were used back in the day. As a teacher, you want content. Math [...]Read Post → Sums Stacker, by Daren Carstens of Carstens Studios Inc, is an amazing app. It incorporates critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning skills, all while you’re “playing” with math concepts with great gaming style! Carstens [...]Read Post → Operation Math: Code Squad, by Spinlight Studio, is a brilliant multiplayer game for keeping kids current on all four math operations by jointly beating the clock. Code Squad is not for the faint of heart, and it does [...]Read Post → Motion Math: Hungry Guppy, by Motion Math, is another great catch for the pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, and the early elementary set! If you are not familiar with Motion Math’s other apps, read our reviews of Motion [...]Read Post → Mystery Math Town, by Artgig Studio, is a great new app that draws kids into the mystery of math. This app calls for real thinking and problem solving ability, which often takes a backseat to learning basic math skills. Get started [...]Read Post → SlateMath for Kids – Kindergarten and 1st Grade Games is a modular portfolio of educational apps that develop mathematical skills and intuition through playful interaction. SlateMath covers the Common Core math standards for kindergarten and first-grade levels and walks children through a Read Post → Splash Math Grades 1 to 5, by StudyPad, is an awesome new app that combines the best of their suite of math apps and takes you Cross-platform! You can now access Splash Math through your desktop, tablet or phone. This app contains an Adaptive [...]Read Post → Todo Telling Time by the well-known Locomotive Labs, is an engaging app with many activities to learn different aspects of telling time.  Calendar concepts, days of the weeks, time to the hour and minute as well as schedule [...]Read Post → Numerosity: Play with Addition! and Numerosity: Play with Subtraction! by ThoughtBox, are based on a cutting edge approach to learning math and TWA found while field-testing, the kids kept wanting to come back for more and more play time. We love [...]Read Post → Native Numbers – Complete Number Sense Mastery Curriculum, by Native Brain, is a wonderful addition to the already saturated math app market! This game is on the money when it comes to providing a deeper understanding of number concepts and [...]Read Post → Smart Fish: Magic Matrix HD – Common Core Concepts of Measurements and Data for Kindergarten and 1st Grade (K.MD.3 + 1.MD.4), by SocialBug Labs, promotes critical thinking and deeper learning – this app rocks! The developers of this brilliant [...]Read Post → Numbers, Addition and Subtraction ! Math educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten by i Learn With, by Tribal Nova, is just one of the engaging apps that are part of the iLearn With Boing series. This [...]Read Post → Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game, by InterAction Education and Zephyr Games, has really pushed the envelope. This app introduces a revolutionary “video-like” gaming app for practicing math facts.  One of our students called it  [...]Read Post → MultiFlow: Times Tables Reimagined, by Dactyl Applications, is a remarkable app that keeps kids engaged and striving to do better, over and over again. Best part, it can actually adjust the questions as you go, the ones you get wrong [...]Read Post → Marble Math, by Artgig Apps, is a brilliant way to reinforce core math concepts and to help students understand concepts and practice skills that are an integral part of any math curriculum. The best part is that the iPad, with all of its interactivity, has [...]Read Post → Jungle TimeJungle Coins & Jungle Fractions - This is a trio of stellar apps, developed by Andrew Short, of Jungle Education, and former Microsoft program manager and software designer. Andrew’s also dad to two 2 [...] Read Post → photo-4 Science360 for iPad is just what every classroom needs to cover a gamut of scientific topics or projects in a visually stunning way. This app, by Knowledge Network and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is eye candy, [...]Read Post → Monster Physics will keep you and your kids asking to play more. This app from Dan Russell-Pinson is exciting and challenging. Meet colorful monsters by creating different machines with levers, connectors, and joints. Help the monster reach his [...]Read Post → Tick Bait’s Universe, by You University Apps, is one of the best science apps that we have had the honor of reviewing. The developer, Marc Gamble, has been very patient with us, as we knew he had a stellar science app [...]Read Post → My Bird World, by 5 Ravens, was developed in conjunction with the esteemed Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Could this app give Angry Birds a run for its money? It was a unanimous vote of “awesomeness” [...]Read Post → My Birds of Prey, by 5 Ravens– The creators of the award-winning app, My Bird World, have another wonderful learning experience already for you. Their newest educational app, My Birds of Prey, is out and making the rounds and [...]Read Post → photo-3 Coach’s Eye, by TechSmith Corporation, is AMAZING. It lets you record, review, and improve your sports activities by giving you instant feedback; this is a MUST HAVE app for coaches of all sports. This app was given out as a freebie at [...]Read Post → Learn Spanish – MindSnack, by MindSnacks, is a delicious and addictive language learning app that will not squelch the user’s appetite for more! It’s not just for children but for students of all ages, young and old. As a [...] photo-2 iTooch Elementary School, by eduPad, has hit another home run, and this time it’s a grand slam! They have combined age groups and content to give this app an incredible shelf-life. The app is free to download and nine [...]Read Post → Word Games for Kids – Futaba, by INKids, is an incredibly fun and educational multi-player game. The idea is simple – each player takes a seat around the iPad and taps in to start. The game begins as [...]Read Post →
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