Teaching With Technology

Teaching today is totally different than even five years ago. Times are tough and educational practices are being scrutinized everywhere as school budgets are cut to the bone. The emphasis on test scores and the controversy surrounding the ramifications of this mindset are making for tumultuous times. Luckily for those of us in the trenches, technology is giving us something to celebrate. That is if we are brave enough to embrace the fact that society has changed dramatically and the tools of the trade with it. Technology is nothing but what passionate people make of it. Teaching with technology can be tricky, keeping content quality is a challenge. What is loaded on your iPad is vastly more important than the iPad itself. There are a plethora of apps out there, but as we say, "Not all apps are created equal." Kyle Tomson's  apps are quality, educational, all stars. His latest release, Preposition Builder, is for the mainstream class.  If you aren't familiar with this app read the review below to learn more.  Find all Kyle Tomson's apps at Mobile Education Store.
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