NEWteacherwithappsThe TeachMe: series by 24x7digital is an extremely popular suite of educational apps which have the perfect content for toddlers and preschoolers through second grade. These apps are great teaching tools for helping early learners build strong foundations. There are many areas of the curriculum covered and plenty of engaging activities to help youngsters learn lots, all while having great FUN! TeachMe: 2nd Grade is the newest app by 24x7digital’s TeachMe: series, and that is is what this review will focus on. Confession -  these apps have been around so long that we never bothered to go back and check them out after several updates. They really have an amazing set of learning games here. Young children can experience the material for the first time or review previously taught concepts. They cover everything from phonics, sight words, math, spelling, and even handwriting. We, as teachers, are loving the concept of "fast math" to help kids learn the basic skills to promote mental math. By far the most incredible feature. What sets this app above all others, is that when text is written by a child, it is recognized as correct or they are asked to write it again! This is an exemplary component to have, where the child is required to answer questions completely on their own. No multiple choice here! Also paramount, in that while children answer questions they are painlessly practicing handwriting skills. The adorable animated teacher, Mimi Mouse, gives verbal instructions and feedback to encourage children to succeed, and she stresses eye contact! Lots of great incentives included motivating children to do their best. There is the option of using the Photo Booth reward for students. They add their own picture and then choose a set of disguises. They can also opt to use the Fun Photos that Teach Me: provides, kids love this Photo Fun! And... all the favorite motivational rewards found in their previous TeachMe: apps - like the virtual aquarium, sticker sheets, and silly stretchable shapes are included. The TeachMe: series also includes TeachMe: Toddler for preschoolers, TeachMe: Kindergarten and TeachMe: 1st Grade. If you have young children or teach primary grades we encourage you to check all of them out.
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