Tech & Learning’s Top Ten Influencers for 2013


Tech & Learning’s Top Ten Influencers for 2013

The Big Ten for edtech in 2013 according to Tech & Learning are trendsetters and leaders in the education and technology sector.  With tech changing every nano second it is quite an honor to be on this impressive list. These top ten influencers for 2013 are the ones to watch in the coming months. Here is  a quote from each superstar:

TL_06_13_v4-120“Building a strong economy and a strong country starts with education.”
—Joel Klein, CEO of Amplify



TL_06_13_v4-121“We really want to reinvent education. We want to offer education on a planetary scale to people all around the world.”
—Anant Agarwal, President of edX



TL_06_13_v4-123“I want to give everyone access to the best professors in the best universities in the world for free.”
—Andrew Ng, co-founder, and co-CEO of Coursera



TL_06_13_v4-124“Connected learning leverages the best of the Web to help young people become the makers, producers, communicators, and lifelong learners our connected world demands.” —Constance Yowell, Director of Education for U.S. Programs, MacArthur Foundation



TL_06_13_v4-127-1“Don’t listen to advice. Think, ponder, mull, then make up your own mind. ESPECIALLY don’t listen to advice on the Internet. Except for this one.”
—Markus Alexej Persson, Minecraft, Founder and Creator



“We’re just a couple of teachers who had a really good idea.”
—Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams



TL_06_13_v4-130“The ‘No Child Left Behind’ Law … this is a ridiculous piece of legislation ever passed by Congress.”
—Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education, New York University


TL_06_13_v4-131“I strongly support the student-weighted formula for determining how much money school districts should receive.”
—John Deasy, Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District


TL_06_13_v4-133“Nothing should hinder someone from learning or attaining knowledge.”

—Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned


TL_06_13_v4-134“My number one goal in life is to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.”

—Jane McGonigal

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