Are you familiar with the popular TED-Ed video lessons?

ted-eds-top-lesson TED-Ed videos feature original lessons designed by master educators where their ideas are brought to life by professional animators. If you are not familiar with this wonderful resource, check it out now and get some lessons planned for the coming school year. At present, there have been 81,484 lessons created and they are not just great, they are FREE to all! imgres-1My Personal Favorite:

Should we eat bugs? - Emma Bryce

Great video introducing students to the concept of food security.

You may feel icky about munching on insects, but they feed about 2 billion people each day (Mmm, fried tarantulas). This concept also holds promise for insect farming sustainably to provide enough food for the growing population in future years. Great essential questions and a quick quiz! Also a guided discussion:  Do you believe that more people around the world could be successfully convinced to include insects in their diet? Whether you answer yes or no, explain why you think this is the case. The wonderful lesson for kids of all ages.


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  1. […] TED-Ed videos feature original lessons designed by master educators where their ideas are brought to life by professional animators.  […]