Great TEDx Talks – Kids born after the millennium

 Screen-Shot-2014-11-05-at-3.21.34-PMGreat TEDx Talks  - Kids born after the millennium - TED Talks have been at the forefront of my PLN from the very beginning. I am amazed at how many educators are still not familiar with this wonderful resource, it was on a TED Talk that I first met my hero, Sir Ken Robinson and I have written extensively about the educational benefits of TED talks for students over the years. The traditional classroom still exists from the industrialization model and we all know, that is just NOT working! One of the most resonating themes that Sir Ken Robinson repeats is the need to excite and engage students and the necessity to promote creativity, not stifle it. Sir Ken Robinson understands that in order to succeed in the future our students will need adaptability and creativeness more than any other attribute. Another of my favorites, is a talk by Sugata Mitra, and how he won the million dollars Ted prize to Create the School of the Future! Although you may have never heard his name, his research is world renowned. He first started by leaving an unsupervised computer literally embedded in a wall, he calls this self-supervised access. His first attempt with this concept was called his “hole in the wall” experiment. That was in 1999. You need to see what Sugata Mitra is doing now!
Next weekend, TEDx communities across the globe will be celebrating TEDxYouthDay, a worldwide weekend of TEDx events dedicated to the ingenuity of kids worldwide.  They are featuring some of their favorite TEDx Talks from young people. Below, one great TEDx Talk from a student you have to watch, and a link to two others.
The 9-year-old making playgrounds more friendly Australian elementary school student Charlie Cooper wasn’t sure how to deal with bullying and feeling alienated at school until he and his family took a vacation and read about a “buddy bench” — a special bench for those feeling lonely and left out to sit, signalling to all others a chance to make a new friend. Charlie took it upon himself to bring the bench to his school, and since then, the playground has been a much friendlier place. Watch his TEDxJCUCairns talk here. See the rest of these great video's HERE:Print
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