Ten Giggly Gorillas story book for children – Wasabi Productions

  Ten Giggly Gorillas, by Wasabi Productions, is a frisky, frolicsome app that engages children right from the start. This adorable book tale reinforces simple counting concepts. It reminds one of the classic books, Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. The app opens with ten gorillas (they actually look more like monkeys) swinging in a tree; guess what happens next? One gorilla falls down - BUT the child must identify which gorilla to tackle, in order for it to fall, by listening carefully to the rhyming text. It is obvious that Ten Giggly Gorillas was designed specifically for the touch screen as the child must take part in order for the story to move forward. The named gorilla is easily identified through clues in the text and by the various and items they hold or wear. Pay attention, did the narrator say pirate hat or tutu? You do have the option to have it read again, so paying attention is a great skill being reinforced here. Once the correct gorilla is tapped/tickled, it exits the scene via some silly antic -  a swan dive or maybe a silly acrobatic feat. And now there are nine... the story continues with silly words and antics to engage the kids right down to the very last one. The students we worked with were delighted by this simple yet mesmerizing tale. The puckish female Australian narrator makes the story a complete success! Features:
  • Read to me option with text highlighting (narration by Angela Catterns)
  • Parental controls
  • Original illustrations by award-winning designer Kim Neale
  • The Monkey Memory game is a bonus educational inclusion featuring all the characters from the book and specially scored music by Hylton Mowday
  • Over 100 interactions, including a hidden Toucan to find and tap on every page!
  • Cheeky touch-activated dialogue throughout the book
This enjoyable rhyming-pattern book reinforces simple counting concepts ....Fun and family friendly.....The app is both entertaining and educational with text highlighting, reinforcement of vocabulary, and is one app that can be read with several children at the time to keep the giggling going!  
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  1. Dona

    My kids just love The Lost Gorilla app: