TES Teach with Blendspace – Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans, and Ideas By TES Global



Create digital lessons, presentations, and projects in 5 minutes!

Optimized for the iPad, TES Teach will include:
  • Lesson editor – navigate and save resources, then organize and personalize based on your students’ needs.
  • Embedded online search engine – drag and drop any of the 2,300,000+ lessons and 1,600,000 resources created by fellow educators.
  • Embedded quizzes – track how each student is learning with short quizzes.
  • Virtual discussions – make lessons more interactive by leading a virtual discussion, which can help boost student engagement.
  • Student access – let students learn at their own pace by sharing lessons they can instantly access. Spark creativity by asking them to create multimedia presentations, portfolios, or lessons for each other.
TES Teach with Blendspace is a free, fun, and intuitive app for creating and delivering interactive lessons, projects, presentations, and more. Over 2 million educators, parents, and students worldwide use this tool for: • Differentiated instruction • Project-based learning • Flipped learning FEATURES: • Free for educators, parents, and students • Create unlimited interactive lessons, presentations, and projects by dragging-and-dropping web content, your own files, and assessments in one place • Add photos from your camera roll • Browse, bookmark, copy, and adapt lessons created by others in the Library • Edit, view, and share your own lessons created on the web • Discuss and comment directly on learning resources • Take quizzes and instantly receive results LESSONS, PROJECTS, PRESENTATIONS INCLUDE: • TES Resources • YouTube videos • Quizzes • Website links • PDFs • PowerPoint presentations • Word documents • Images • Dropbox files • Google Drive files • Text
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