The Aftermath – ISTE 2014

photo-1I wasn't sure if aftermath was the correct verbage so, I looked it up and decided that the second definition was more in line with what I am feeling. Growth, "new grass growing" resonated with me. It wasn't that my lawn needed to be mowed (it did) but more a feeling of newness. This has only been my second ISTE conference, and it was more than challenging, to say the least. It was also exhilarating in all respects. Whether it was a formal keynote, a quick quip on an elevator, or some in-depth conversation with a newly made friend, ISTE offers a myriad of learning opportunities EVERYWHERE you go.
The crowd of educators has all fled Atlanta (14.000 attendees - so I was told); now is the time to write. ISTE 2014 is still fresh in your mind, yet I have been able to process my experience.
  1. the consequences or aftereffects of a significant unpleasant event.
    "food prices soared in the aftermath of the drought"
    new grass growing after mowing or harvest.
    synonyms: repercussions, aftereffects, consequences, effects, results, The Aftermath of ISTE 2014 consisted of plenty of downers, such as major delays in major airports. However, I want to focus on the positives and give a shout out to all the friends I reconnected with and all the new friends I made, as well as reach out to some acquaintances. BrainPOP - my first stop for an interactive session supporting the Spot Thought addition to your suite of Games. Wonderful to meet you in person, Allisyn Levy. Melissa & Meghan Davis from GoEnnounce - two very cool sisters who had a major brainstorm of an idea and brought it to fruition. Their service connects students to family and friends. It is the place for students to 'ennounce' their educational achievements, share school work, extracurricular photos, and more., live for the first time. Katrina Stevens from edSurge that I seemed to continually bump into at the blogger's cafe and my hopes to get a mention on their awesome tech news site. Julie Brannon from TELP Media - how wonderful to finally meet you in person.  We've been working together for years! It was so great to spend time with you and Rose deFremery at the Drawp booth. It felt so cozy with you two manning the place! Matt McConnell from Famigo -  who I ran into at the Drawp booth. We had a great 15-minute meeting, getting caught up. In case you didn't know, TWA and Famigo are now sharing content. Lillian Stern and Press4Kids - who did an amazing job with her pitch. She is doing a bang up job at getting the best current event app, News-O-Matic, on the map! And co-founder, Marc-Henri Magdelenat, it was so great to meet you in person. PS: There's also a News-O-Matic, School Edition, 2014-15. Rafiq Ahmed from Demibooks -  who did a fantastic job with the mini presentation of their new dynamite product. Review coming soon on TWA Kelly Raudenbush and everyone else at Gripcase - Such a pleasure to meet you! Product review coming soon as well! Anna Johnson from LocoMotive LabsTodo Math is being reviewed by Jackie Bryla, keep an eye out on TWA  for the post. Doug Smith- great chatting and getting more insight as to where Curriculum Associates is going, tech wise. Just recommended World's Worst Pet to a writer doing a piece on vocabulary building! READ our review of World's Worst Pet - Vocabulary Michael Medinsky - a new friend and winner of the best business card representing music and tech. We seemed to be at all the same events... nice. Matthew Meyers - a fellow 20 to Watch honoree and owner of Slate & Tablets. When are you coming to the Hamptons? KarenO'Dell from Osmo -  they are offering a 50% discount on all pre-orders of their awesome, hot new product/invention. Trina Davis - thanks for sharing one of the many sofas, in one of the many lounges! You never know who you will bump into, Trina is a Past President of ISTE! Gayle Berthiaume - one of the partners from Suddenly It Clicks that was manning the Osmo station at one of the playground events. Thanks for your patience with me. William Weil -  co-founder of Tales2Go.  Your mission statement says it all - Learning happens when imaginations play. So sorry to miss you, Tracey! Molle Elkin - manning the booth for KinderLab Robotics, a new start-up out of Tufts Dev Tech Research Group. Kudos for getting kids, in the 4 -7-year-old population, building, and programming at an early age. More shout outs to: The representatives from Robots4Autism - the demo of Zeno the robot was awesome. This incredible tech tool for autism therapy improves social and emotional skills for children with ASD. Thanks to Anne Flynn from CoSN - great seeing you at the 20 to Watch reunion! Doug O'Brien, from TechSmith, who hosted the party, other thanks! Jayme Linton and my other buds - Todd Nesloney AKA  TechNinjaTodd and Brad of Two Guys and Some iPads. Two new friends, Amos Fodchuk of Advanced Learning Partnerships, Inc. and Mark Otter from VIF International Education at Legal Sea Foods. Lastly thanks to Jackie Bryla, an SLP and one of TWA's reviewers - my conference going roommate. We had a blast! photo 4photo 2photo 2-1photo              
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