The Latest Apps from Labo Lado Inc.

The latest apps from the creators of Labo Car Designer

The latest apps from the creators of Labo Car Designer

At Teachers With Apps, we try to bring you all the best in technology for kids and classrooms, and want to showcase some of our favorite developers of children’s content with a mention of their newest and best! Here are the latest apps from Labo Lado Inc.

Today, Let’s explore Labo Lado Inc. They are one of the most fun companies to come out within recent years and have made some of the most creative and original apps that extend play far past the immediate screen on a device. They are often imitated, but Labo Lado Inc. knows what constitutes play also involves both skill acquisition and retention, and that is what makes Labo Lado Inc. outstanding. They utilize the senses – sight, sound, body sense, use of big muscle and small muscle to achieve a goal. We all know that the application of media into practical life is what makes the learning of new skills stick, and this is why Labo continues to be a favorite of teachers, therapists, and parents. Here are some of their recent apps that you definitely want to check out.

shape iconLabo Shape is the brand new app from this studio that facilitates spatial learning for the wee ones. Select from 6 learning experiences to play with shapes and their attributes. I love how the music always ties into taking motor action as this helps kids with difficulties with motor planning and initiation by bridging that gap between ideation and the needed rhythm to make the impetus for action. It is a lot like saying “One, Two, Three –GO!” Sound can also be adjusted for more sensory sensitive kids. Kids first trace the shapes and then watch as it morphs into an object or character that can be interacted with in a playset. From fish in an aquarium to singing birds on a wire, the physical play helps embed the shapes to memory. Objects are automatically filled in with color, but with a sustained touch, kids can access the rainbow to color in items as they choose. Add the use of a stylus for some pre-writing building skills or print, color and cut out shapes to create a mural for off screen skill building fun.

The lowdown: Recommended, as it can serve a variety of preschool ages and skill levels from beginning shape recognition to pre-writing and scissor use.

fabric iconLabo Fabric Friends – making and playing with fabric animal crafts is just happy fun by mixing visual motor skills and play. On opening, you are greeted by the choice of 11 different animals templates to assemble. I love how steps are created using media in a multitude of ways – from the use of scissors to the sounds of a sewing machine as it conveys the thought and layout to creating art. Children really need to hone in on visual spatial skills and views on how things come together given the different textures and steps to finish. After cutting out basic shapes, one needs to finish by placing the finishing pieces puzzle style and then may add glasses and headgear. Once an animal is completed, there are 6 different games to choose from. Games included:

  • A number sense and addition game consisting of adding single-digit numbers or a spelling game where an animal name or missing letter to a word is selected
  • A timing and rhythm pogo stick game - where the object is to pogo to and pop bubbled items
  • A visual memory and scanning game – peek a boo in a yard
  • Rock, paper, scissors,
  • A physics based catapult game with tomatoes
  • Targeting smiley faces amidst visual and auditory clutter to make the character the dance game

The lowdown: Recommended. A great way to introduce multimedia and creative play. Many games can be played independently with the exception of the spelling and addition games (at least initially). Again, Labo Lado Inc. inspires off screen exploration and the ability to translate skills into practical life.

pebbleLabo Pebble Art can give little ones an idea or two with what to make with all those rocks they’ve collected. Arranged in a puzzle like fashion, there are 22 different puzzles to complete. And the bonus is after a pebble puzzle has been completed, kids can paint and play a corresponding game with their pebble art. For example, after replicating the Pebble Bird and painting it, the corresponding game is to help this early bird catch the worm. All worms, however, are not created equal, and some create brain freeze by encasing the bird in ice, and some are so fiery hot that one needs a nearby cloud to put the fire out. Labo Pebble Art not only inspires ideas but also is laugh out loud funny. They have the perfect mix of building preschool skills with playful silliness AND have always had a great sound track that at times serves as the impetus for wanting to participate.

The lowdown: Recommended. Great skill-building game for preschoolers. Serves as an introduction to spatial concepts and beginning problem-solving skills through the games.

My personal favorite has always been Labo Car Designer, and this app has given many kids and myself too – hours of pleasure. So check out Labo Lado Inc. There is surely an app to inspire creative fun for kids of all ages.

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