The Science Behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep


The Science behind a Perfect Night’s Sleep 

Ensuring a good standard of sleep quality is extremely important in making sure that we perform at our best throughout the day, and generally feel well and enjoy life. It only takes a few nights of bad sleep to make us feel terrible, whether you are a teacher, student or another stressful job role, making sure that you sleep well should be on the top of your agenda. Read more here about the science behind a perfect night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation say that a good night’s sleep can be defined as taking less than half an hour to get to sleep, not waking up more than once per night, being able to get back to sleep quickly if you do wake and sleeping for over 80% of the time you’re in bed for the majority of nights. Failing to meet one of the above four points on a regular basis could mean that your sleep pattern has room for improvement. Here is an infographic provided by De Vere that offers some great tips to start helping improve your sleep: science-sleep  
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