The things your “SMART” phone has replaced…

unnamed-4 What was it like in the old days when we only had a landline? Some might say life was simple and uncomplicated. But, this quote John C. Maxwell: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” really says it all. The old adage of “adapt or die” has its origins in Darwinism and states that if an organism does not adapt to its environment, it will die. Only the strongest will survive, and those are the ones that transform themselves to live within a new ecosystem. Personally, I love the convenience of having so many useful tools incorporated into one handy device. The more mundane tools we can replace with our phones equals less stuff and less clutter in our lives. It has been refreshing to purge the clunky old telephone books and know that I am always within arms reach of a flashlight. And what a breeze it is to pull up the weather forecast without using a TV. Yes, sometimes I miss the days when the milkman delivered... but now I long for the driverless car! 1. Pager 2. Cam-recorder 3. Radio 4. Portable Music Player 5. eBook Reader 6. Calculator 7. Voice Recorder 8. GPS 9. Flash Light 10. Leveler 11. Scanner 12. Compass 13. Portable Gaming Device 14. Game Console Controller 15. Barcode Scanner 16. Credit Card Scanner 17. USB Thumbdrive 18. Portable Video Player 19. Walkie Talkie 20. Phone Booth 21. Clock / Alarm Clock 22. Wrist Watch 23. Timer 24. Books 25. Calendar 26. Notepad / Sketchpad 27. Newspaper 28. Photo Album 29. Contact List / Phone Book 30. Board Games 31. Watching Movies 32. Land-line & Internet 33. Checking eMail 34. Surfing Internet 35. Video Chatting 36. Thermostat 37. Measuring Tape 38. Guitar Tuner 39. Light Meter 40. ATM / Debit / Credit Cards 41. Airline Tickets 42. Business Cards 43. Remote Control 44. Car Keys 45. Paper Money / Coins 46. Cable TV 47. Laptops 48. Dictaphone 49. Weather Channel 50. Personal Shopper 51. Interior Decorator 52. Crossword Puzzle 53. Slot Machine 54. Communication Skills 55. TV Guide 56. Magnifying Glass 57. Fax Machine 58. Love letters 59. Postcards 60. Stamps  
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