The Traditional Storyteller Apps

The Traditional Storyteller Apps, brought to you by Day Two Productions, have been developed by the team behind the award-winning ‘The Story Spinner’ and ‘Stories from Around the World’ DVD series, an educational resource based in the UK. These stories are from all over the globe and the performances are top-notch and professional. What we liked best about this collection was the back to basics, simple and engaging tales told like they've been told since time began. Children watch and hear the oral story as it is told through expressive language, fabulous facial expressions, and engaging gestures and then IMAGINE the scenes for themselves. What a novel concept! Children can even record and email their own version of each story – making these the perfect apps for sharing with family and friends. Kids today need down time and a break from all the bells and whistles, and of course - more time to use their imaginations. This is the perfect way to unwind and have brilliant story tellers educate your children with these all-time classics. The Traditional Storyteller titles include:   Anancie And The Drum Of Common Sense, told by Tuup. Anancie learns a lesson in common sense – the hard way!     The Three Little Pigs, told by Cat Weatherhill. Three young pigs build houses, and who knows what end this one will have!     The Giant Turnip, told by Katrice Horsley. (UK National Storytelling Laureate 2012) A Russian Tale with a collective sequence story.     How the Elephant Got His Trunk, told by Peter Chand. Elephants used to have cute little button noses until cheeky monkey interfered.     Too Much Talk, told by Effua Daniels. (Winner of the BFFTA best TV personality award 2011) Talking fish? Talking dogs? Impossible! Or is it ...   Each story is accompanied by a sequencing illustrations game, a listen and repeat parts of the story activity and the option of retelling the story with your own words. Children can record themselves and play it back, over and over again. They also include "best bits" amusing video clips from the story. Imagine your child enchanted by the best storytellers from around the world, whenever & wherever you want. Now you can because there are apps for that!
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