The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting App Reviews On Top Blogs

This infographic was submitted to Teachers With Apps as The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting App Reviews On Top Blogs, and the author asked us to share. So here it is; we hope it helps all the app dev's out there. Submitting your app to the App store is just one of the many steps needed to get your app noticed. If you are an educational app developer, we strongly suggest that prior to release you have consulted with educators in the field and done ample beta testing with children. This ultimate cheat sheet has both the do's and don'ts for getting app reviews on top blogs.
App Review Sites are a good way to get more attention and downloads for your apps. The problem is, they get hundreds of pitches a  day. We can vouch for that, we look at hundreds of apps a month, and yes we do ask for the name of the app and link to the iTunes store.  Another suggestion we have is to include the age range that you feel the app is best suited for. Just in case you missed our last blog, we mention the App Gap and talk about the open opportunity for anyone to embrace this group that is least addressed. Yet who's carrying the most iPads? tweens and teens! This void that exists in apps for upper elementary and middle school grades is prime real estate for anyone in the market.

How do you stand out? How do you get attention and get those reviews coming in? That is what this infographic is all about. The importance of a good pitch email that gets your app reviewed. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting Reviews On Top Blogs:

Things To Include In Your Pitch

Here is a quick breakdown of the essentials that need to be in your pitch.
  • Name of the app
  • Link to iTunes (important, not only the app website but the iTunes product page)
  • Video (a really important one)
  • Screenshots (Don’t attach large files, include a link to them)
  • Description (Say what your app does and why it is different)
  • Price
  • Contact information (add multiple options, email, twitter, skype, telephone)
Tope - Founder, App Design Vault
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