These apps will teach your kid to code

teah kids 2 code These apps will teach your kid to code The latest studies report that nearly 58,000,000 jobs that require programming knowledge will appear in the world in 10 years. We have fewer warehouse workers and more engineers. Machines can do more monotonous jobs leaving people to put more thoughts and energy into creative and exciting tasks. The 21st century is a time when people live together with sophisticated tools and knowing how to speak and interact with them is an essential skill for all. Programmers along with scientists and creative types will be the people who shape the world. What is coding? Coding is a language, which lets you communicate with a computer. When you set up a washing machine or choose a floor in an elevator - you code, just in a simple way. The beauty of coding is in its variety. With the support of computers, people can create music, arts, apps, games, build 3d models and robots,  program smart houses, explore the universe, develop medicine, perform accurate surgeries and even send space rockets to outer space. Without knowing how to code these opportunities are unreachable. Why is coding important for kids? Coding is one of the necessary skills people need to know to speak with computers, it also develops valuable life skills like organizational and problem-solving, curiosity and creativity, and builds a strong STEM foundation. Where to learn? playcdmonkeyPlaycodemonkey This website started as an essay writing service online, but substantial investments let them launch a project in which was coding was their latest goal. On this website, a learner plays a game where getting to a next challenge requires solving coding problems. The curriculum is geared for children age 8 years and up. Playcodemonkey is a great stepping stone for young coders where they get to know the basics of coding and how algorithms work. The app has both free and paid versions. The free option grants access for solo learners to all levels. The paid versions are designed for teachers and give an ability to create classrooms and monitor the progress. eo_codecademy_01-1Codecademy Codecademy is a great place to learn to code for older kids who are familiar with the algorithm’s principles and basic math. This curriculum doesn’t have a “game” element and teaches coding using different languages, from HTML to Python. Many adult people have found their first IT jobs thanks to this service. The benefit of this website is in the three-window system. In the first window, a learner sees the theory, second is for typing a code line, and the third window shows the result of coding immediately. Codecademy proposes many courses for free, but for deeper learning, it has paid subscriptions. Suggested age is 15 years and up. Kano has a broad library of knowledge for people from 6 to 106 years old (it is said in their heading). This app teaches coding as well as building a computer or programming animated animals. Little learners have an opportunity to create art, music, prototypes of weather stations, etc. Unfortunately, their free courses only let you see a little bit of what is inside. But they do propose numerous courses at reasonable prices. Kano shows what people can create using coding instead of teaching just a theory, which can be tedious for kids. khan academyKhan Academy Khan Academy is like an interactive Wikipedia. Created as a non-commercial organization it proposes terabytes of information and hundreds of free courses. They don’t focus only on coding, but their programming courses give all the needed information to start a journey into a world of computers. Kids can learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Khan Academy. These languages are a starting point for everybody, who wants to be a programmer. You can get access for every course for free and make a donation if you want to support the academy. scratchScratch Designed by MIT students and aimed at children of age 8 to 16. It is an easy-to-use programming language without lines of code. Kids move and rotate blocks to create anything they can dream of. Using Scratch is similar to playing with Legos. There are programmed blocks, which perform a particular function. A child can produce many different outcomes by moving and rotating the blocks. Scratch is completely free for use. Fortunately, coding stopped being something sophisticated. It is possible for anyone to learn to code in a few months thanks to the services mentioned above. Coding builds the future, and if you know how to code, you build it too. linda carwrightLinda Cartwright is an educator by day and a blogger by night. She devoted her life to teaching and she believes, that there is a genius teacher behind every great scientist. Influenced by Landau's lifestory she does her best to waken interest in learning science.
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