Thinkrolls Space by Avokiddo

icon512Thinkrolls Space by Avokiddo

Wow! A galaxy of fun awaits you with the newest addition to the popular Thinkrolls app family!  In keeping with the style of Thinkrolls 1 and 2, and Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens, Avokiddo has now lovingly created an amazingly fun and addictive puzzle adventure in outer space!   Thinkrolls Space, for ages 5+, offers more than just tremendous entertainment!  It is designed to offer age-appropriate practice in problem-solving, critical thinking, sequential organization, logic, physics, persistence, and memory skills. There are 7 distinctly themed and colorful planets to visit. Each planet focuses on specific skill sets and novel puzzle elements, with two difficulty levels to choose from, and over 200 puzzles to complete. Up to 6 players can create and save their selected alien, planet and difficulty level, enabling multiple players to enjoy (one at a time).   To play, select your favorite whimsical alien Thinkroll and a planet.  There are lots to choose from! You will be delivered to your planet in a cool UFO spaceship.  Using your finger and your thinking skills, guide your Thinkroll through progressively difficult puzzles to collect a key to open a gate that transports you to each new level. Each level slowly builds in complexity, as you learn to manipulate objects around you to solve the puzzles. Players learn to navigate these unique elements to solve each puzzle through the process of trial and error. If you find yourself stuck, just tap the quick reset button to easily try again without losing the progress you have made. Players collect hearts and stars through the gameplay and use them to unlock new Thinkroll aliens. This feature serves as a wonderful incentive for kids to keep playing and advancing to harder levels. Some students are so enthralled with Thinkrolls that they are determined to reach the next level with only intrinsic motivation! There are 8 enticing elements to help you or obstruct your pathway: Cheese Monster and Cheese:  Eat the cheeses to clear the way, but think carefully because some may serve as steps! Key concepts: gravity, navigating a maze, continuity, planning, and reasoning. Robot:  Move the charming little robots through the mazes to cover holes, create steps, or figure out how to get them out of the way. Key concepts: gravity, force, stacking, inventiveness. Soprano Elevator Monster:  Use this stretchy accordion monster to move your alien and objects up and down and all around. Key concepts: simple machines, mechanics, springs, elasticity, hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills. Goo Monster and Cake:  These deliciously gooey guys guard the goo passages.  You’ll have to feed them cake to pass!  Key concepts: advanced spatial relations, cause & effect, trial & error, sequencing. Vanishing Rainbow Bridges: Take care before crossing over these bridges because after you walk over them, they disappear! Key concepts: contemplation, synchronization, timing, advanced spatial cognition, trial & error. Antigravity Zones:  You can fly by using the lever to switch gravity on and off! All movable objects are affected by the antigravity zones. Key concepts: gravity & antigravity, advanced spatial cognition, synchronization, timing. Plasma Fields: Use a lever to turn the plasma lamp on and off but be careful how you use it as it can be a friend or foe!  Key concepts: synchronization, timing, multiple stimuli, advanced spatial cognition.  2-Way Teleporting:  Teleport your alien and even objects between different parts of a level. Key concepts: wormhole theory, advanced spatial cognition, synchronization, timing, sequencing. Overall Impression:  Avokiddo has the magic touch when developing high-quality, original educational apps for children!  Through Thinkrolls Space, children are encouraged to think independently and problem-solve on their own to learn new concepts, all while playing a game!  APP FEATURES
  • No reading required
  • 110 easy levels for ages 5+ 108 hard levels for ages 8+
  • Explore 7 bizarre, unique themed planets
  • 24 quirky alien Thinkrolls to collect
  • Gather hearts and stars and use them to unlock new aliens
  • Unlimited retries, and no time limits—play at your own pace
  • Enhances logic, problem-solving, memory, strategic thinking, and perseverance
  • Store up to six separate player profiles
  • Intuitive, easy to understand touchscreen controls
  • Original concept, artwork, and sound design
  • COPPA and GDPR compliant; no third party ads; no in-app purchases
  • No internet connection required
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