Three apples changed the world!

Three apples changed the world. The first tempted Eve, the second inspired Newton, and the third was offered to the world half eaten by Steve Jobs. unknown
imgres On my recent trip, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a private party at the newly opened Apple Museum in Prague! This event was sponsored by  a thriving company called Lipa Learning, they have a vision of doing for education what Apple did for technology:
  • Lipa is the pioneer of a complete child development system
  • We spent 3 years creating our Curriculum Design from the best practices around the world
  • We expertly balance digital innovation with real world experiences
  • We get feedback from the kids and teachers in our Lipa Preschool
  • So far we're localized into 10 languages, with ESL and Special Needs options
The Apple Museum houses the largest private collection of Apple products from 1976 to 2012, it was an amazing experience and one I am sure to treasure. The museum is located in a renovated historical building in what is known as Stare Mesto or Old Town, in contrast, the interior couldn’t be more modern. Tim, our tour guide may have only been a recent hire, but was knowledgeable and entertaining with a wealth of knowledge about the collection. He even wore a black turtleneck. What made the biggest impression on me was the series of laptops that originated in a very unique and modern style and progressed to what basically resembled any PC and then slimmed down and the newer lightweight models appeared. Visit this one of a kind Apple Museum in Prague, You will not be disappointed by this incredible tribute to Steve Jobs.
Apple Museum

Sumudu Perera, Jayne Clare, Jitka Fortikova

The exhibit is expertly set up where you walk into the early life of Steve Jobs and his humble beginnings with Steve Wozniak and the notion of the garage they operated out of and continues in a maze of different display cases packed with Apple products marked by year. Trace the history of Apple and the birth of the Apple computer, mouse, portable computer, iPods, iPhone, and iPad. AMAZING to see the progression of inventions and how they have morphed into what we have and use today. You are clearly notified by marked signs of when Jobs left Apple and went on to start the companies NEXT and Pixar. Apple Paraphernalia of all kinds is on display from his early days with Woz, including yearbooks, a pair of Steve Jobs’ sneakers and his Apple jacket, plus seven published Time magazine cover stories, right up to his last days. Voiceovers and videos seamlessly loop throughout the show as well as music according to the time frame. After the tour, we were treated by Lipa Learning to dinner, drinks and dancing in the ancient cellars, rumor has it they were once used as a place for nuns to repent their sins.   outsidewindow-800x600  
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  1. Hahahaha, now that’s a wonderful article on Apple. I wish Steve Jobs could see this. Also I am impressed with quote.