Four Great Travel Apps For Kids

imgres-10Four Great Travel Apps For Kids According To JustFly - Travelling with children can not only be fun, but it can be a huge learning experience for the young ones. Whether it's exploring new cities or experiencing new cultures, children can learn a lot in a short time if you choose the right destination. With the dawn of the age of apps, children have become tech fluent, playing games and learning about technology at the same time. While some of these apps are simply for fun, there are travel apps out there designed for children that will help engage them during their voyage. In order to track down some of these apps, I spoke with an online travel company called JustFly. They gave me their top four educational travel apps for kids.

Visited States Map - USA Travel Log for Where You've Been

Many travelling families or classes like to remember their travels by having a map at home or in the classroom that they can pin with all the places they have been. In true “there’s an app for that fashion”, the same experience is now possible on your device of choice. Limited to the United States, for now, this app lets you pin the states you have been to as you make your American road trip happen. Kids are able to share these maps with their friends in real-time as well, allowing children to get a nice dose of geography in a fun way.

Tales 2 Go

Long road trips or field trips can sometimes lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations. While reading can often soothe the weary soul of a child who has been in a moving vehicle for too long, lugging them around can be difficult. Luckily there is Tales 2 Go. JustFly says Tales 2 Go is the Netflix of children’s audio books. While the library itself is impressive, this can also alleviate potential car sickness as staring into a book for long periods of a tie in a moving vehicle can inspire harsh bodily reactions.

Gus On The Go

One thing about travelling is that you will encounter a variety of cultures and languages. Gus On The Go features 10 vocabulary lessons for 14 different languages, giving children an opportunity to learn bits and pieces of a new language in a fun and engaging way. The progressive levelling makes sure students don’t get ahead of themselves and allows for a natural uptick in skill as you progress through Gus’s language trials.

Stack the States This game combines sound educational material with an incredible “gaming” sense. Dan has developed a fun learning game that uses some of the best mobile features – interaction and manipulation. Besides learning about the 50 states through answering basic questions, this app requires critical thinking skills as well. Your brainpower is tested in your ability to stack your states successfully. imgres-8    
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