The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow

icon175x175NEWteacherwithappsThe Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow - is by far the most professional storybook app to date. The project spanned nine months from start to finish. Every possible detail has been taken into consideration and it is spectacular! The narrator is the 11-year-old actress, Freya Wilson, who starred in The King's Speech. Ed Bryan, Nosy Crow's Head of App Development-Creative, is the illustrator as well as an animator. He states that illustrating everything, and knowing it was going to be animated, was his biggest creative challenge. According to Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow, "We’ve created a new way for children to learn to explore and read stories. The Three Little Pigs app is fun, surprising, educational and worth reading again and again.” Read more here: Interview with the team from Nosy Crow The children we worked with did just that, they returned again and again! This app has taken children's mobile books to a whole new level and it was evident in the children's responses. We heard cries of, "I LOVE THIS," from one of the iPad savvy kids. There were twinkling eyes and lots of giggles from children switching from iPhone to iPad and sighs of complete awe from some who had limited experience with mobile devices. This app is a masterpiece. Nosy Crow took their time, and we're glad they did. It was well worth the wait for what is a truly delightful interactive experience! All of the iPad’s technical capabilities were utilized to create a mesmerizing 3D reading experience and really draws the reader in as an active participant in the story. As for an age range, we think this book has a wide audience appeal and we'll leave it at that. The Three Little Pigs features awesome animation, terrific original music, professional child narrators and over the top interactivity. Each screen provides multiple "touch spots," and clues for the children to tap them are shown by a small blue circle. The pigs talk and have several comments for each situation. They jump and somersault into the air and build their own homes with the usual straw, sticks, and bricks. All is based on the popular fairy tale but with a new twist on the same old story. The wolf driving a truck was a novel concept and well received. For our young critics the coolest feature is the megaphone to help the wolf blow the houses down. You can get a different outlook by tilting the iPad, the perspective changes show variations of the background and details. The app gives children the choice of listening to the narration or reading the story to themselves. As they touch the screen the wonderful antics of the characters and rich scenery unfold.  This allows for them to proceed at their own pace, very important! This is the first title in Nosy Crow’s series of 3-D Fairy Tale apps, they plan to have more fairy tales released soon. Titles announced are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood. As teachers,  it is reassuring to know that these tried and true stories will be handed down to yet another generation.  
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