Tick Bait’s Universe

NEWteacherwithappsTick Bait's Universe, by You University Apps, is one of the best science apps that we have had the honor of reviewing. The developer, Marc Gamble, has been very patient with us, as we knew he had a stellar science app and we wanted to make sure that we did this app justice when writing our review. This tool gives kids the opportunity to intimately explore the universe with a simple “pinch" on the screen.  Each pinch zooms you in or out by powers of ten.  You can zoom down into the microscopic world to explore very, very small items such as bacteria, viruses, DNA, atoms, and protons.  You can also zoom up to see really, really large objects such as the Earth, its atmosphere, our solar system, galaxies and beyond.
We were so impressed with this app we asked several science teachers to take a look. Here's some of what they had to say:  The powers of ten (scaling) is a great topic...students always have difficulty visualizing this concept and this app brings this curriculum into perspective for them.  The science content is wonderful and accurate, its scientific notation is terrific, kids love the zoom factor. Tick Bait is so inviting and so engaging that it just calls out for students to come and explore.
We agree, and want to give kudos, not only to the developer but to the fabulous illustrator, Liza Woodruff, who helps make science less intimidating and more kid friendly. Tick Bait, the scruffy panting dog on the first screen, invites the viewer in and then opens doors for further exploration, instilling curiosity all along the way.
TEACHERS – Tick Bait's Universe works well as a presentation tool or as a self-study for your students.  As a presentation tool Tick Bait's Universe allows the whole class, teachers, and students to explore the universe together.  Marc Gamble recommends going slow and spending 3 to 6 minutes per page to encourage questions and class discussion.
The Teacher’s Corner section of the You University Site offers exceptional resources to help teachers integrate Tick Bait Universe into their classes.  The Teacher's Corner contains Presentation Tips, ideas for a power of 10 classroom activities, and a Table of Content so teachers know what content is covered on each page.   It also contains a "Scavenger Hunt" to give students an objective as they explore Tick Bait's Universe and teachers an assessment of how much students are learning.  
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