Tiggly Play Date

Tiggly Play Date

This was one end of the table. We had a brother and sister, and then 6 classmates of the brother over.

Recently, I was asked to help a family host a play date for their son with Angelman Syndrome. The Mom invited 6 boys to her house to play with her son. Between the two of us, we had 4 iPads and 4 sets of Tiggly Toys to play with. Initially, play began with only two Tiggly Word Sets and one Tiggly Count Set on the table. Everyone was fine with sharing toys amongst themselves. All of the Tiggly Word apps were played with over and over. Someone would be playing with one app and then everyone wanted to go over and play with that app as well. IMG_1043Tiggly Draw proved to be a very popular app with these two boys. They played with this app for 15 minutes and created so many fabulous creatures. Overall it was a great play date and everyone had lots of fun. Thanks, Tiggly! During one of our EdAppTalk's Facebook group chats recently Alison Rumball shared how she helped a parent host a Tiggly App Party over the Winter Break. We thought that this was such a brilliant idea we asked her to share in hopes of inspiring others!  None of the kids had seen the apps/toys before. It was mostly Grade 2's and they loved them all. I initially did not give them Tiggly Shapes as I thought they might think it was too young for them but Tiggly Draw turned out to be their favorite and where they spent the most time. Thanks Alison  FullSizeRender READ more about Tiggly Apps here on TWA
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  1. Jo Booth

    Lovely post, and what a wonderful idea. Alison, you are truly inspirational!