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748252177001.PT07_1024x1024This review has been a long time coming - Tiggly with their interactive shapes & apps is just what the doctor ordered and we want to give them a LOUD shout-out! This company has stepped out and risked it all by marketing their product to a very young audience, 18 months to be exact. If you are not up on the latest, the consensus is no screen time for ages two and under. However, Tiggly Shapes interact with your iPad. The set consists of four tangible shapes that a child manipulates and interacts with by creating all kinds of adorable characters and/or complex drawings. What makes these creations a standout is the endearing personality traits made possible by a simple wave or cute blink of an eye. Children use the shapes and imprint as many different ones as they like onto the iPad screen, moving them around front to back and changing colors. Kids have their choice of eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, wings, hats, and other do-dads at the bottom of the screen to bring the shapes to life. The option to animate and add voiceovers makes this product come to life. Additionally, creations can be saved on a cute postcard template and sent via email, etc.

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Tiggly has pushed the envelope and put actual toys back in the hands of kids and made it acceptable for toddlers to get some screen time without criticism. The learning opportunities are incredibly abundant, as Tiggly has incorporated shape identification with foundational skills such as color, size, facial expressions with spatial reasoning, spatial relations and motor skills. It also fosters language skills and beautifully promotes creativity and imagination. What is most impressive with Tiggly is the high-end quality of the materials used and the traditional feel of a classic toy. This is a wonderful investment and will certainly deliver hours of learning fun!

Tiggly Shapes are the first interactive iPad toys designed for toddlers. We collaborate with educators and parents to design toys and games that are developmentally appropriate for children between 18 months and 4 years old. Included with your purchase: This state of the art product comes packaged in a practical and handy storage pouch to store and carry. New technologies just keep coming and this product is another example of how amazing the future is going to be.
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  1. Wow, we’re blushing at this shout-out! Thank you SO MUCH for the enthusiastic review. 🙂

  2. […] This review has been a long time coming, Tiggly Shapes & Apps is just what the doctor ordered and we want to give them a LOUD shout-out!  […]