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Tiggly Tales: Word Building & Storytelling Kids Game
Tiggly TalesIn the second Tiggly Words app, Tiggly strikes a perfect blend of learning and open exploration. In Tiggly Tales: Word Building & Storytelling Kids Game, kids play and create words by adding a vowel between 2 consonants to make CVC words. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to build words and add storylines based on the characters spelled out on the page. With the options to record your voice and unlock character’s actions, you can create and share your stories via film clips and photos with family and friends. So go ahead – Play with your words and see what is unleashed as you spell! IMG_2027Stretching both kids’ imagination as well as well as planting seeds to how words are formed through play helps to reinforce retention of material. Tiggly Opening Tiggly Tales: Word Building & Storytelling Kids Game reveals a play set with two consonants separated by a space. Question: Given a “p__g” – whatcha gonna put in that blank? Answer: An “e” unlocks a pirate…looking for his PEG leg, an “i” unlocks an adorable PIG and a “u” for a PUG (these busy pups are always on the run and looking for a “CAB” to make it to some party or other fun filled event!). If the word is not a real word, it is ejected via a spring. To extend the play and bring the concepts learned into everyday routines is the ability to animate the unlocked characters by making a short movie, complete with narration. This facilitates temporal concepts of time and use of space – and that the world is bigger and more vast than their immediate sensory experience. Often time’s kids don’t see there are a beginning, middle, and end to activities, games and learning units, and a playful introduction like this really rocks. Why? Because it is FUN and the child controls the amount of input that can be tolerated. Not ready for stories? Take a picture and model storytelling or give prompts to what may happen next.
Tiggly Submarine: Explore the Depths of Short Vowels & Phonics- Learning System for Tablets icon175x175We all live in a Tiggly Submarine; the Tiggly Submarine; the Tiggly Submarine… It’s yellow and red with our favorite friend as Captain of the ship, so let’s go exploring NOW! The new Tiggly Words is all about exploring letters and sounds. Submarine focuses on short vowel sounds so as to be consistent in learning about how words are made and what they sound like. As with all Tiggly products, there are manipulatives that enhance and facilitate learning by incorporating the motor system into a child’s experience. The alphabet is not only visually present, but you can hold the keys to it in your hands. With the 5 vowels, kids begin to explore and connect to the sounds in the world all around them. There are 5 islands under the sea to explore. By placing the vowels on the screen all sorts of crazy fun is at hand, and it begins to create a bridge from concrete tangible play to the wiles of the imagination. Ready for some island fun under the sea – well let’s go explore! IMG_1982 Feeding the giant purple octopus is a blast! By either choosing a vowel fish (finger play) or placing the manipulatives directly on the screen, the vowel transforms into words and goodies to feed the hungry critter. Here vowels sounds are in the beginning or middle of the word and expand on the idea of placement of sounds. Visit the turtle’s hut to find out what he is doing. Short vowel sounds in the middle of words like a blob, and blush up to the silliness and factor in pure delight that will keep kids coming back for more. Tap the button on the elevator and watch as ocean creatures’ travel about in the sea. Vowel sounds are at the beginning of fish words, and there are unexpected surprises when some new words pop up – like iconnou. It’s a fish, and this is a perfect way to extend play off the screen by looking up some facts or visiting an aquarium. IMG_0321 Our friend Tiggly isn’t just an explorer but also serves as a first responder to others in distress. Kids love to feel useful and help, and in this cave under the sea, kids can help free the helpless critters stuck in the cave with his extractor! Vowel sounds in the middle reinforce the way words are structured. Not ready for structured play and just want to introduce the possibility of a symbol that makes a sound? Fish can be made anywhere in the water out of the vowels by simply tapping the manipulatives on the screen. 5 interactive vowel toys
words-pouchBuying the manipulatives is not mandatory to play the games, but without them, kids do not reap the full benefits of bringing in the ability to motor plan their course of action. The ability to visually scan from one point to another and adapt are not fully present and are confined to the screen only play. Using the manipulatives also allows time for processing and that means better retention of the material. At Teachers With Apps, we love Tiggly and see them as trendsetters in how children are being educated. Using current research and feedback from educators, parents, and kids make their products a must have for families and educators to facilitate learning.
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