Tillie’s Time Shop HD

  Tillie's Time Shop HD, by My Turn Moible - It's time to help Tillie and her friend, Sam, run her clock shop in Tick Tock Town! This unique rhyming story offers fun, interactive experiences and hidden surprises on every page. Three of the pages contain full activities, all of which support the learning of telling time. Tilly's Time Shop exposes your child to both analog and digital clocks. It also shows how the clock relates to sunrise and sunset. Your child will love exploring and working in Tillie’s Time Shop. This app entertains, as it introduces the basics of telling time and how to read a clock. We think the simplicity of Tillie's Time Shop works. Is it time for Tilly to go to work? Time for school? Is it midnight or noon? Your kids will be answering those questions in no time! Tillie’s Time Shop HD is a universal app that will run on an iPad, an iPhone, and an iPod Touch.  
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